Plagiarism Assignment

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The effects of plagiarism can take a huge toll on a student In a multitude of ways. Plagiarism is not allowed just about anywhere, whether it is school, business, and any other form of life. I feel as if plagiarism is Just universally known to be wrong without having to be said. It takes away from a student’s creativity and after all it is technically a form of cheating. According to Webster dictionary plagiarism is defined as, “using the words or Ideas of another person as If they were your own”. I like to think of It as stealing as well.

You would not want someone to take credit for your work, so you shouldn’t do It to them. Engaging In plagiarism shows a lack of character and is laziness at its finest. Being caught popularizing for a student can result in suspension or worse. Universities do not take this topic lightly. Popularizing can even prevent a student from transferring schools or even getting a Job. It can destroy a student’s reputation as well. My father always told me since I was a young boy to ever break someone’s trust because it can be very difficult for them to regain their trust with you.

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I have been working In the film Industry since I was 15 years old and can recall a certain incident with popularizing. Actor Shih Labeled was confronted about stealing the work of another and passing it off as his own. It took a toll on his reputation and Shih considered retiring from all public life because of the accusations. This is a perfect example of diminishing a reputation. I enjoy writing papers a lot and writing in general. Expressing my own ideas and sharing my thoughts on paper is enjoyable to me.

Passing someone else’s work off as mine Is completely out of character and not to mention unethical. When It comes to research papers there are some things I need to work on. Sometimes I take too much information from another source without properly citing or re-wording their information. The risk is not worth the reward when comes to popularizing. I do not intentionally do it, sometimes I hear something good and think it could make my paper sound better. This Is why we properly cite Information.

Also, the feeling I get from writing a good paper knowing that I did It rather than using someone else’s help is much more satisfying. Not only Is plagiarism unethical, lazy, and not acceptable, It does not help a student learn anything. If a student copies another person’s work, the whole idea behind the assignment is completely irrelevant and invalid. The student only hurts themselves by engaging in plagiarism. If everyone were copying another’s work we would have the same idea floating around. Talk about boring!

Writing your win thoughts engages the reader in a story that has not been heard before and could open there eyes to new Ideas. Come to think of It, If I was a teacher I would thoroughly enjoy reading different students work. There are many effects of plagiarism but these are Just some. Understanding and following directions is a necessary skill to have throughout life. It goes a long way especially in the business world. That is an important aspect in keeping a Job. Some bosses do not give second chances when It comes to this. Most of the time you will Just be fired on the spot.

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