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Let’s go out for a breath of fresh air” is an often-heard phrase, but how many of us realize that this has become irrelevant in today’s world? The quality of air in our cities is anything but fresh. Air pollution is a serious problem in our society these days. We need to take action to help prevent air pollution before it is to late. To help prevent air pollution are; we could run cars on water or batteries which are environmentally safe or even car pool more, ban aerosol cans, and find cleaner burning fuels. The second you step out of your home you are witnessing the air being polluted.

The cloud of smoke from the exhaust of a bus, car, or truck is air pollution. If we invented a new type of car that ran on water or ran battery powered cars it would be environmentally safe. Inventing a hydro vehicle. Witch is a car that runs on water, it would not only help the environment but would help many Americans with the high gasoline prices. Carpooling would also be a great thing to do more of. Few Americans do car pool but, not nearly enough. If more people carpooled it would result in less cars on the road and less pollution in the air.

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Some people think that air pollution does not harm the earth or the people, but it does the exact opposite. One problem is the hole in our ozone layer. The ozone’s purpose is to block harmful ultra violet rays from the earths surface. These UP rays can cause skin cancer and can also produce the green-house effect. The hole in the ozone layer is caused by a man made product called aerosol. In aerosol there is a thing called CAFE, this is what eats away at the ozone. Chef’s can also be found in refrigerators . Aerosol is a product that is used in many American homes.

Some rodents that contain aerosol are hairspray, spray able air fresheners , bug sprays, and even spray paint. Many people could live with out these products and if the government were to ban them then air pollution would decrease. Air pollutants not only threatens the health and life of humans but also causes damage to our environment. Another cause of air pollution is the burning of fuels such as coal, oil, wood, and other gases. Burning these fuels can cause smog . Since these gases and fuels are released into the sky they can be carried by the wind at long distances over lakes, fivers, and plains.

This can contaminate our water supplies or harm animals that we eat. One way to help prevent to heat your home with electricity instead of oil or coal Air pollution is something we must face every day. From the simple little tasks of fixing your and using hairspray, using oil to heat your home, or even driving to work. It effects us in many negative. So make a difference in the world so you can take a breath of fresh breath. *Notes- This is an over all okay essay but I think the last paragraph need some work. Possible solutions to the problem of pollution By Slime

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