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Summer 2013 Poverty is a big issue that society deals with worldwide. Even right here in the United States of America, poverty is an ongoing problem that society faces every day. Poverty is a way to maintain equilibrium of the levels of stratification. Poverty is nothing but a big conspiracy. Outside forces prevent proven stricken individuals and or groups to climb the success ladder or reach desired goals; they place limits and readership on the path to success and or the next level up in stratification.

In the process of maintaining the levels of stratification proven stricken individuals and groups face problems with education, Jobs and crime. Education and Jobs Students that attend schools in wealthier communities get access to newer books, better teachers, and better resources. Students in poor communities do not get access to the latest resources and the teachers may not be of better quality. Education pushes poor students into trade and or vocational schools, and the lately students are going into prestige universities.

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People in poor communities are unable to stay in school because they have to make a choice of either going to school or going to work and providing for themselves and their family. Students in poor communities that want to go to college are unable to because they cannot afford to attend the expensive colleges. It is very hard for students in poor communities to get loans or grants because they have no or low income, and cannot get approved for credit. Better Jobs require more education, but restrictions are placed so the people in poor communities are compromised with outside factors like rent, food, transportation and etc.

The poor also don’t have the skills or supports that are necessary for them to become productive, valued members of society. CRIME Our laws are made up by select powerful individuals and groups; so why is it that a white collar crime gets a lighter sentence than a blue collar crime? A wealthy corporate worker would get a lighter sentence if he or she stole a million dollars from heir company, as opposed to a minimum waged cashier who stole a hundred dollars out of his or her register at a fast food restaurant.

The poor and powerless are much more likely to be arrested and convicted for crimes than the wealthy and powerful are. Laws are made in the interest of the wealthy and the powerful. The crime rates are much higher in the poorer areas because there is a lack of opportunities to improve economic status and living conditions. According to Karl Max, society was fundamentally divided between two classes that clashed in pursuit of their own interests.

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