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Working-class crime is caused by labor exploitation and material misery. MARXIST VIEW ON CRIME (CONT’D) Marxism’s criminology blames mainly the competitive nature Of the capitalist system for crime. This view basically says that the poor commit crime due to anger, frustration and need while the wealthy engage in illegal activity to maintain their position in society, and that the wealthy are used to this competition as it sis must in order to maintain their social stance.

Therefore theft is an expression of exploitation and is a political act of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie. Marxist say that the ruling class will violate laws and go unpunished while members of the subject class will be punished Crime diverts the working-class’s attention from the exploitation they experience; it contains their resistance They say crime is a reaction to the life condition’s Of a person’s social class. It changes from society to society depending on the political and economic arena up of that society.

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Crime will continue in capitalist societies because they condone and encourage inequality and class conflict and penal law will expand in relation to that inequality and exploitation CONFLICT THEORY The conflict theory claims that crime is a result of class conflict because the laws are created by those in power to protect their rights and interests only. It states that all crime in a society has a political undertone. This concept was coined by Richard Quinine; ‘the social reality of crime. The theory was built on the foundation of the idea that the justice system is biased on its design to protect the wealthy SUMMARY Crime is cause by the external force of capitalism, The social inequalities caused why the economic base (capitalism) determines activity within the superstructure(crimes agents of social control)

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