Martin Luther King Assignment

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The way of Martin Luther King Martin is a great person who lead African Americans to achieve the civil right among all people. Why Mating Luther King want get the beneficent of civil right among all people? What Is call right? In my opinion, call right Is the right given by the law so that all citizens ships can enjoy equally. Otherwise, the opponent of civil right Is called discrimination. People could discriminate people among races. People could discriminate people because of disease or disabled . During this moving , Martin Luther King was in the offer for the equity of races.

His dream is that one day he can see people can walk together with different color. And we already have the tacit understanding of his dream go through the dream’s surface—the equity of civil right. Martin Luther King is the person who take his responsibility for the social life as a catholic member . The world is hardly perfect because of our original sin . Martin Luther King see throw the sin and keep the principles of catholic social teaching to lead people contain the free will moderately . Len this movie, a African American effused to give the sit for a white guy and she was arrested by the police officer.

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Martin Luther King leaded the Montgomery with fifty thousand African American refused to take the sit on the bus for three hundred and fifty-eight days. He suffered for the common good among all people. People respect for the person, keep social well-being, development and peace based on the civil right. I asked a assistant of my dorm what is his opinion of the civil right movement. In his eyes, civil right movement brought the common good to our life and it is good because it would give the equity or all people.

In this movie, I did not know that American was in a extremely discrimination and I found that the way to living in the truth of human being is a long hard process. We always need to suffer for the truth to conquer the darkness which is the way of Martin Luther King did. I know that it’s hard for me to suffer for the truth right now because shot of knowledge and experience, however, am trying to get the way to suffer for the truth, for the unify of human-being and believe the people who devote for the truth will never disappear.

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