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?My biography is on a man who changed the way we treat others. He lead african americans to freedom, but not through violence but with words capable of showing people in the world what they were missing. This man is Martin Luther King Jr. Edward Preston wrote this astonishing biography that was published in 1968. The title of the book is “Fighter for Freedom”. The first time I heard about Martin Luther King, I was in the third grade. I knew this man was great for what he had done. I know he led blacks to freedom without violence. He also delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech before a crowd of a few thousand spectators in Washington.

Martin was a brave leader. As an activist he convinced others that racial segregation was needed no longer. Martin was very outgoing in how he became a leader in african american civil rights movement. At the age of 19, Martin became the youngest person to receive the nobel peace prize for his great work to end racial segregation. In the US, he became a symbol of protest for racial justice. During his adulthood, he led protest marches, and sitins. Many whites in the 60’s claimed to say blacks had no reason to be living. and were no good in the labor force. They were just dirty, poor slobs pleading for mercy.

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This wasn’t the deal with Martin King though. He was very nice, smart, and very clean. When he was a young adult Martin did practice sermons at church. As he became more close to God, he finally decided to become a minister. He admired Ghandi and his work. King wanted to do something about rascim. While studying in college, Martin had quite a few friends that werent just black , but white too. There was a prank they would play. It meant one person had to tear someones room if it was left open. There was one student who got pranked, and he took the joke seriously.

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