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Remember, these are brief outlines of my lectures and you are responsible for taking class notes, as questions will come from my discussion comments that give meaning to those points. During lectures I will discuss some background information you do not need for the exam, which means the other issues I discuss are fair game for the exam. This Is a major Incentive to come to class, pay attention, and take good class notes. If you do not take notes, how can you remember my comments 3-4 weeks later for an exam?

See “General announcement # 2” general announcements (click it) for instructions About 20 or more questions will come from text reading review assignments – for this exam these Logic Kernel chapter Word reviews: 1 (Logic), 2 (constitution), and 11 (voting, elections & campaigns – answer only questions 1-19. ) – these review questions re your only text reading responsibility for exam 1. When I provide chapter reading review questions like this, know these are actual questions from which I will randomly select some for the reading portion of the exam.

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I will not ask anything else from the chapter other than the reading review questions provided. This eliminates mystery & surprise regarding exam contents. Especially for you freshmen, this is harder than it looks, and will take a number of hours to look up the answers in the text. Study them carefully and you will have no problem with the reading questions oration of the exam. Since I have given you the actual reading questions, I will not give you the answers before the exam, so do the best you can; this is a learning exercise. When you buddy up to study with others, do not trust the answers of others.

Validate it with your own eyes or suffer the consequences if your buddy is wrong. If you find a bad question, email me your class time with the chapter & question problem with your page reference, and I’ll check it out, but will not give the answer. I will be careful not to choose any that are inaccurate or confusing. There is o excuse for you to miss one of these questions if you study. If it was me, I would look up the correct answer and when confident, I would delete all the wrong answers so I am Just reinforcing the question and the correct answer when I study.

My last tip is to manage-study both class lectures and reading reviews daily so not overwhelmed by cramming right before an exam – which does not work, as some will discover. (c) Website essay portions. 7-10 questions will come from my website essay reading assignment. To find this information, go to General Announcement # general announcements (click it) and follow those instructions carefully about the hyperlink there titled “why studying the U. S.

Constitution, as well as national and state and local politics, is so important to each citizen. ” You are only responsible on exam #1 for the specific items mentioned in its instructions. Another key word bullet outline assignment – then study your outline. (d) General Announcement # 5 general announcements (click it) provides specific study ideas for my exams.

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