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This course is also intended for students in a pre-medical or pre- mental program. The laboratory course (BILL 1208) is a separate and distinct course; students taking 1208 receive a separate grade. BILL 1201 is a General Education Course. BILL 1201 classes are designed to address the following General Education Outcomes: 1) an appreciation of the methods of critical inquiry and 2) a comprehension of how knowledge is acquired and applied. For every hour in class, students are expected to spend at least 2 hours studying notes, working assigned problems, and reading suggested text.

Campbell Biology, Race et al. 9th edition. The text assignments are intended to clarify and expand upon the information given in lecture. Model: Lecture Overprints, announcements and study guides will be posted on Model. You may also check this site to see your grades. EXAMS: All exams will consist of short answers, essay questions, problems, etc. There will be no multiple- choice questions on the examinations. There will be four exams worth 100 points and a comprehensive final worth 100 points.

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Make-up examinations will consist of essay type questions and problems. Make-up exam will be given only for individuals with a valid excuse. Students who miss an exam and fail to notify the instructor will be assigned a score of zero for that exam. Course Grading. Four lecture Examinations, 100 points each Final Comprehensive Examination, 100 points 400 points 100 points 500 points Academic Integrity. All students are expected to read and be familiar

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