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The cleaning product I chose to research is Winded, the original glass cleaner. SC Johnson manufactures Winded. To contact SC Johnson, their phone number is 1. 800. 494. 4855, and their address 1525 Howe street Racine, WI 53403. 2. Five ingredients in Winded include: Spoilsport Alcohol, 2 -hexagonally, Ammonium Hydroxide, Miramar Surf S-210, and Vided GEM 3. -Spoilsport Alcohol: Enables the delivery of the product to a surface. -2 – Hexagonally: Breaks down dirt and opposite.

It loosens dirt particles from the surfaces they are attached to, so they can be rinsed away. -Ammonium Hydroxide: Breaks down dirt and deposits. -Mirror Surf S-210: Breaks down dirt and deposits. -Vided GEM: Breaks down dirt and deposits. 4. – Spoilsport Alcohol is primarily produced by combining water and propane in a hydration reaction. Another way spoilsport alcohol is produced is by hydrogenating acetone. Its main uses include being used as a solvent and as a cleaning agent. – Hexagonally: 2- Hexagonally is produced by the reaction of ethylene oxide with 1 hexagon. The product is isolated from the reaction mixed by vacuum distillation. Uses for 2 – Hexagonally only pertain to cleaning products. -Ammonium Hydroxide: Ammonium hydroxide is simply a solution of ammonia in water. Ammonium hydroxide has many other uses other than being used as a cleaning agent. For example, in furniture, ammonium hydroxide is used to stain or color wood.

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In food production, ammonium hydroxide is used as an acidity regulator. Also, ammonium hydroxide is used in the tobacco industry to provide flavor. -Mirror Surf S-210: Mirror surf S-210 is an aqueous solution of an acrylic base polymer. It uses are only pertained to cleaning agents. -Vided GEM: Vided GEM is naturally derived polymer. Vided GEM applications include surface and glass cleaners. Microbiology Writing Assignment 1 By Alyssa_raking

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