Sociology chapter one Assignment

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This assignment is much easier if you answer the questions as you read the assigned material every week. For example, in the first week of class you will read chapters land 5-?answer the questions below at the same time, as you do your reading. The next week you will read chapters 2 and 3 and you should answer the questions for those chapters as well-?chapter 3 questions can be found on reading assignment two. After you finish the questions for Chapter 2, you will turn the entire document in as

Reading Assignment 1 by the due date listed on the syllabus. This is an assignment that is best worked on over time, week by week-?NOT all at once. Directions: This reading assignment covers chapters 1, 2, and 5 in your textbook. For your convenience, the questions for each chapter are written below the chapter heading in the order that they appear while you read. For each question, support your answer with specific terms and/or ideas from your text to demonstrate that you understand the material.

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After you have answered the primary questions, feel free to add your own opinions or examples. Required Format: Please use this document as your writing template. It helps me to read the assignments more clearly if they are all submitted in the same format. Call me if you do not understand these directions. Copy and paste this assignment into the document that you will eventually submit on Blackboard Type your answers beneath each question using the same font type, size, and color (Times New Roman, 1 1 -point font, black).

Please leave a space between the question and your answer If you do not answer a question, please write “omitted” below the question. Goal: Your job is to demonstrate that you have read all of the required eternal, you understand basic terms and concepts, and that you understand the main points in each chapter. Given that this is an online course, I can only assess what you’ve learned by reading your written answers-?I do not know what you are thinking unless you write it down-?please answer the question as completely as possible to show me that you are doing your work and you understand the material.

Although you will all be using the same terms and ideas to support your answers, you will all relate to the material differently and approach the material from different perspectives; therefore, your answers will vary widely. This is to be expected, and in this way, there is no “right” or ‘Wrong” answer, with the exception of the answers that are not thoughtfully explained and do not make use of the course material. It is acceptable and even encouraged to ask your classmates for help on the discussion board when you do not understand a question or a concept in your reading.

NOTE: “Discuss” does not mean “define?’. When students are asked to “discuss” a topic, they should explain the full scope of the issue, trend, or concept-?not simply write a definition. This is an opportunity for students to explain to the instructor that they clearly understand the topic at hand through descriptive writing. Feel free to supplement your reading with information found on the Internet; just provide the link so can visit the site(s) as well. CHAPTER ONE: the sociological perspective 1.

What are C. Wright Mills’ views on the sociological perspective? 2. What are the goals of science and how do sociologists attain these goals? How does sociology differ from common sense? Take the “Enjoying a Sociology Quiz-?Testing Your Common Sense” on page 7 and briefly comment on it (for example, what surprised you (or not) and why? ). Please answer all parts of the question. 3. Who were Augusta Comet, Karl Marx, Mile Druthers, and Max Weber and what were their major contributions to sociology?

This is meant to be an examination of the work of each of these theorists-?this is not meant to be a short answer question. 4. Discuss Weeper’s views on value free sociology and persistent. 5. Discuss the “forgotten sociologists”. Why are these sociologists important in the history of sociology? Why are they “forgotten Please answer all parts of the question. 6. What are the three major theoretical perspectives in sociology? Explain each in your own words. 7. What is the difference between macro and micro level analyses?

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