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My Writing I don’t often write for myself, the extent of my writing is usually limited to e-mails and comments to others on online forums. In the past, when I have had writing assignments, I usually like to choose a topic that interests me the most or immediately sparks ideas for what I can write about Generally. I like to avoid writing about my past experiences, life situation, or other such things. Enjoy writing on more fictional topics or events outside my life. Learning to write began when I was home-schooled. My mother and sister would dead books to me every night, and sometimes my sister and I would have assignments to narrate what was read in the chapter in our own words, or summarize a book we just finished reading. I would always enjoy reading what my sister wrote and aspired to write as well as she did. We also had a college vocabulary book we began going through.

I can say, I never really enjoyed going through some of the vocabulary seasons on how to map parts of speech, but I loved to make flashcards and draw pictures to go with the different words listed in the book. If I could somehow tie art into what I was writing about or earning, my memory was able to connect, absorb, and recall the information better. If I could draw pictures to help narrate what I was writing about, I would find myself looking up new words to describe things or making my writing many paragraphs longer than required so I could draw more or add more to an image.

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The book had several writing assignments and often gave a few options tort what your subject could be about. It would give a basic Idea such as writing a first person narrative, create a problem, and resolve that problem. Then it would give you a topic to write about such as finding a basket of kittens, or falling In a deep hole. Even then, I have always been indecisive, and also liked a challenge. I remember I would sometimes choose to do the assignment twice so I could write about each subject, or I would try Intertwining the topics. Such as finding the basket of kittens In the deep hole. My homecomings was sadly not consistent due to many life difficulties so my writing assignments were few. I attended a couple years in public school around 6th grade and some in 9th where I completed some writing assignments as well. My last real assignment was around when I received my GEED, a family friend who was ‘Off eloping me to get my wanted to see my work so I typed up an ‘coeducational’ piece on surviving a zombie apocalypse, which I found quite fun to write a comedic essay like that.

What I would like to work on most with my writing, first of all, would be to expand my mental dictionary. Another thing I would like to improve on is staying on subject and how to properly tie in my points to make a cohesive argument or story that flows. Most of all, I want to practice getting in the habit of writing more and be able to express my ideas vividly. I imagine this will help greatly as I pursue my career.

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