Working While in High School Assignment

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Write a multi-paragraph essay in which you discuss the causes and effects of working while in high school. Begin typing your essay below: High school can be pretty costly to some students due to having cars and paying for insurance and yearbooks and all kinds of items that are sold throughout the school year. Most students believe they can balance a Job, high school, and maybe even sports.

Most parent’s allow their kids to work so they can learn how to be responsible trying to balance school and work. For the most part it’s a bad idea because there’s so much to look forward to in high school without a Job. Along with a job comes some positive and negatives effects, such as being financially grown up, having those sleepless nights, missing assignments, and no memories shared. Having to work on a school night and do homework while expecting to get sleep is hard enough. Having a Job will make it worse, and deprive the student even more.

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You will receive less sleep by having a Job and having to do homework right after your shift. Also, having a Job will interfere with be able to get your work done, which can cause you to not be focused and your grades could possibly start to slip. My dad has been working since high school, and his biggest problem was that he slacked off on his homework, therefore causing him to be a second year senior. In addition to having a Job, there is the benefit of having money in your pocket. Having some source of income meaner that you are financially independent for the cost part.

Most kids ask their parent’s for money and that can be burdensome, and then once that age comes around to start working parent’s will encourage their child to do so, and they will warn them about not getting behind I school if they do get the job. Despite the long work shifts, people look forward to the lump sum of money that is given to them on pay day. Also, a negative effect to having money is that everyone will look for you to pay for them, or a lot of times ask you to let them borrow a few dollars here and there.

Furthermore, having a Job takes up time throughout your day and even your school year. Which implies that you won’t be involved in much activities that your school has to offer. Majority of people that have graduated say that they should’ve been more involved and should’ve went to school sponsored events, but didn’t go due to having a Job. Memories are what keep some people young, and bring Joy at some parts AT your Tie. Colleges also KICK at ten actively you were Involved In tonguing high school, which makes it a little easier to choose you to attend their school.

Without participating in events, clubs, and sports you don’t have much of a high school memory all because you were working throughout school. In conclusion, there are positive effects to having a Job such as having money, growing up financially and being independent. There are also some negative effects to having a Job such as having people mooch off you, getting little to no sleep, and not being involved in school. A Job is probably one of the best things and worse things to happen to a student. Dissolve VTWv5KX1 Retroflexed KIND

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