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This assignment quite caught my interest; at first I wasn’t sure if I could fully commit to a day without electronics, but it sure did sound nice. Sunday, at midnight, I turned off my phone, television, tucked away my computer, and very gladly unplugged my alarm clock. The evening went swimmingly as I cuddled up with my cat and fell asleep. I woke with the sunshine on my linens, feeling as if it were vacation. I slid out of bed and into the kitchen.

There, as I brewed my coffee, I caught a glance of the time on the machine. It was 10:30, having given me two and a half extra hours of sleep, I had no complaints thus far. Though, I did have an urge to check in with my grandfather, that being a frequent part of my daily routine. I figured one day couldn’t hurt much, and moved on to the shower, skipping the blow dryer for Pet’s sake. After tending to my plants, missing Frasier, reading a bit, and doing some yoga, I decided to visit my boyfriend and see what the outside world was up to.

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He wanted to watch a movie, but I explained my assignment and we went for a walk instead. A few friends came over to chat, reminding me that I had made a plan or two without considering I would be unreachable. I left to check out the pet store, looking for a potential addition to the fish family. I wrote in my notebook “Engineer Goby’ and immediately longed for Google. All I knew about this Goby was that no matter what tank I described to this employee “he would fit in. ” Out of boredom, and despite the doctor’s orders of rest, I rode my bike around the park.

The ride was lovely, but left me unfortunately bedridden. In hindsight, this was my worst idea of the day. One painful drive home led me back to the books and kitten. I didn’t feel terribly disconnected until I knew Adult Swim would be coming on. I plugged in my alarm clock, dreading the mass of text and voice messages I would wake up to. What a mass it was. The high school I substitute teach at had needed me hat morning, my grandfather worried up a storm, and my friends did not appreciate the ditch.

I did not realize quite how much I rely on my equipment throughout the day. I did get an awful lot done, but it also came with its set of opportunity costs. I could definitely use the money I missed out on, the class I am missing out on, stuck here in bed, and could definitely do without worrying my grandfather and others. All in all I am glad I experienced the day as I did and will pay more mind to the time I spend lost in technology. By haymow

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