Looking at Computers: Understanding the Parts Assignment

Looking at Computers: Understanding the Parts Assignment Words: 311

The number of pixels displayed on the screen is known as a. Contrast ratio b. Brightness resolution c. Aspect ratio d. Screen resolution 5. Which port is the most common port found on today’s computing devices? A. Universal serial bus (USB) b. Ethernet c. Parallel d. Fowler 6. Which computer port can transmit uncompressed audio and video? A. USB b. LCD c. VGA d. HID 7. Today’s Cups run at speed measured in kilohertz. A. False b. True 8. Inkiest printers and laser printers are example of b. Dot-matrix c. Impact d. Impact printers. A. Thermal 9. Is concerned with the design and arrangement of machines and furniture to avoid uncomfortable or unsafe experiences. A. Positioning c. Ergonomics d. Repetitive strain prevention.

Fastest Microprocessor Task: For several years the processing power of a microprocessor was measured by its clock speed and the number of transistors on the CAP]. Recently a new factor was added-?the use of multiple processors. Assignment: Visit www. Repeatedly. Com/time/rapped. HTML to learn about the evolution of Intel Cups and fill in the following table. Criteria Month/ Year Processor Name Clock Speed Number of Transistors First processor First processor with clock speed of 1 Mesh or more

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First processor with 2 million or more transistors First processor with clock speed of 1 GHz or more First multiprocessor (more than one core) 13. Explore Your Own System Task: Explore the computer you are using now (or a computer your instructor directs you to use). Assignment 1 Identify the computer type. 2 List all of the ports and how many of each are available on your computer. 3 What port(s) can be used to connect an external hard drive to your computer? 4 What port(s) can be used to connect a keyboard to your computer? 5 Watch “Try This” video for Chapter 2 and list everything what is inside your computer.

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