Benefits of High School Sports Assignment

Benefits of High School Sports Assignment Words: 570

Bissinger’s essay focuses on the negative aspects of high schools sports, arguing that the worst aspects of professional and college sports have contaminated competition at the high school level. Write an essay in which you present the beneficial effects of high school sports on athletes, families, and communities, For example, you might discuss how playing on a team sport teaches students about working with others on a school assignment, a family project, or a community event.

Tamesha Davis, Being one of the top ranked athletes in Port Arthur Texas, experiencing great competition from other schools and students, setting an example as a leader and participating in a school activity kept me as a young student focused on school and being a part of a team. I felt that I had a dedication to my teammates, my coaches, my teachers, and friends. Having someone look up to you and want to follow in your footsteps is a great feeling.

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Becoming a part of the community as a leader in a sports like Track and Field, Football, Basket Ball, Tennis, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Debate Clubs, teaches you to work and get along with others on school assignments , family projects, and be apart of many community events. There are a lot of schools sports that bring parents closer to their children. I’ve seen a lot of parents come out and support their kids at these events. I am one who had a parent that didn’t get to come to my events, But their was other parents there to cheer me on and keep me motivated to keep the faith with the team.

Having these parents there made a big difference in a lot of us, especially during school they helped us do our homework, our grades were passing, they made sure we were in class. The parents participated in school fundraisers, PTA meetings for our best interest. The carpools were a big support factor, my teammates parents made sure that all kids made it to practice and back home. High School sports is the start of a career where you get recognized and get the skills that you need to get into college. Scouts come out just to see who the best of the best. That’s where students get to show off their alent. Getting a scholarship to a good college academically or through a sport is an achievement. Doing volunteer work in the community during high school looks good on a college resume. As a student in high school I had all of this support to succeed. I attend family oriented programs, to help me if I was having any problems or issues during school or at home. Community events was something that I attended all the time, getting together and gathering with teachers, friends, family, and other students to cheer on the players, basketball teams kept a lot of the students at our school occupied.

They were not out in the community getting in trouble, getting arrested, causing mishaps. The students at our school were more focused on the “Battle of the Bands” at the football games. Back to school expos, were also great for the younger kids, that are just entering high school. It gave them a sense of being welcome, and not afraid to participate in the school activities. Being in a high school sport benefited me throughout my journey through school.

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