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Recently in 2013 one more store was opened in Miramar. Their first store in 2007 was one of the first to start the concept of self service which is also known as food court or food boutique. Initially they provided cakes, pastries, puffs, pizzas but later on slowly went on to increasing their product line to the current bakery and pastry products.

They manufacture all their products in house and only arches sponge for cakes from Millennium bakeries, Verna. They take order of customized cakes for various occasions such as Birthday cakes, anniversary cake, wedding Cake, christening cake etc. Now Canap?? is deciding to step up on its marketing strategies. Now that they are famous for their quality and fresh products they now trying to expand their market to other places, also increasing the product line to many more products and increasing the target market. II. Situation Analysis: Customer: Canap?? has already two stores operating in Margo, one in Miramar.

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Canap?? is now ring to open more chain stores as well as franchisee in major cities like Oviform , Maps , Vases, Panda ,Dona-Paula etc. And also in coastal belts of Ago. Canap?? is also exploring possibilities of selling to integrated outlets in Hospital, Companies etc. This will help Canap?? to reach out to more customers across Ago. Competitor: Some of the competitors of Canap?? are established brands like Missions, Caracas ,Cafe Coffee Day, Bread & More, Ensnare and several other local Brands in the vicinity. Canap?? major competitive advantage over the competitor is providing DOD quality items and freshly prepared items in the store.

Company: Company is sole proprietor owned by Chairs Nazi who started his first Canap?? store in Margo. He had a previous experience in this industry as he is working with Missions as their marketing person this experience of his in this food industry lead him to have a better understanding of the market. Ill. SOOT Analysts Strength: * Canap?? uses HACK guidelines to store food products for safety purposes. * Good location and ambiance of the store * Canap??s specialist in items such as “crispy chicken”, “puff “has made it more popular. Using of fresh cream for cakes and high quality raw material which results in high quality products. * Good quality of food and hygienic food. * Customer can order for Customized cakes on special occasions like birthdays. Weakness: * Canap?? Provide less variety of products than its competitors * Middle age people Canap?? Marketing Plan By pestilential * Limited advanced machinery Opportunities: * Canap?? include different varieties of food and increase range of items. Expanding food court * Online ordering system * Home delivery * Introducing festive offers * Diet products

Threats: * Increase in competition * Providing less variety of products IV. Market Opportunity and Issues Canap?? has been really famous for its snacks in Margo and even more famous for its cakes as people would travel from faraway places like Panic Just to buy cakes made by Canap??. By opening a store in Miramar Canap?? has now extended its market reach to even more people of this city. Even though Canap?? is associated with quality products and services and they have a huge list of loyal customers there are still many people who haven’t heard about this brand.

Canap?? is currently going on a low track to build its brand image when it comes to marketing, they believe in word of mouth and providing quality service to get the word out, though this is a very good strategy and works very well without any risks they need to now get in some aggressive marketing as this market is already filled with many competitors who already apply heavy marketing practices in their strategies. Canap?? now has to focus more on their marketing and expansion as they have already solved the customer part of it. V. Objectives 1 . To increase the variety of items offered by Canap??. 2.

Increasing brand awareness across Ago. 3. Diversifying target market segment. VI. Target Market The current target market for Canap?? is focused mainly on youngster. Canap?? will now directly target people of all age groups including children to adults and middle age people. Increasing the variety of products and expanding across various cities of Ago will help in capturing a larger market and help them to increase their brand visibility. The products are not high priced items as a result, will be available to nearly all people regardless of various incomes. For consumers who enjoy a calm, odder, comfortable atmosphere.

VI’. Marketing Mix Price: Canap?? will offer affordable prices keeping in mind the quality of the products. Anniversary parties, Christenings, wedding Cakes etc by providing them with discount and offers for orders gag and above. Product: Canap?? will offer more products of various varieties like sandwiches, burgers, chicken and fish items. Canap?? will have the option of customizing your pizzas as per your choice of toppings. Offering baked item for the health conscious customer also sugar free cakes and pastries also having seasonal and fresh fruit beverages. This will give

Canap?? a broad assortment of food items and thus they will be able to provide a complete meal as a combo. Innovations are also an important factor in the growth and success of the Canap??. Place: Canap?? should expand their store to another floor to accommodate more people and also have separate sections for separate people of different age groups so that all the people can enjoy in the same store. They will also have the availability of having people celebrate their birthdays in advance by booking a certain section. Canap?? can come up with a mobile Van where they can sell their best products at places like

Colleges, parks, beaches etc to make people aware of the brand and stores. Promotion: Customer awareness is the first step for promoting Business. Canap?? should advertise through various media such as internet advertising, local magazine, FM, local TV advertisement, newspapers etc. Canap?? will be participating in local sponsored events like college events or food festival events by either Just sponsoring or setting up various stalls. Canap?? should have a website where consumers will be able to view the product range and also make online purchases with home delivery.

Having membership cards for loyal as well as new customers which will help in retaining and valuing the customers. VIII. Tracking The Canap?? website will keep a track of the customer’s activity on the website which products were viewed the most, which products received the maximum purchases in a day etc. They will also have feedback forms given out to customers which will help them to know the customers likes and dislikes about the store and the products it will include simple questions about the ambiance, services provided, products quality and quantity, pricing etc.

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