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Plan Kristin Stabs Keller Graduate School of Management 2. 0 Situation Analysis Spot’s Barkers is a new and upcoming bakery geared toward dogs and those who love dogs. The dog treat industry is full of prepackaged dog treats, but there are very few options for dog owners to buy their dogs a fresh healthy treat. This is where Spot’s Barkers comes in. Spot’s Barkers will strive to provide a wide variety of fresh made dog treats at a reasonable price. There is another local dog bakery, but they are in a different part of town and offer somewhat different products.

Dog owners want healthy fresh treats for their dogs and want to be able to take their dogs shopping with them as well. Spot’s Barkers will welcome dogs with open arms and ensure both the dogs and their owners have a wonderful experience. 2. 1 Market Summary Spot’s Barker’s market consists of people who love, cherish, and value their dog as a member of their family. The greater the love for the dog the more likely the owner will get their dog a special treat. Another target is those who love their dog, but do not have the time to visit an actual pet bakery. Spot’s Barkers will have fresh treats available to those on the go.

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The market for dog treats is actually quite large. Based on a survey from the American Pet Products Association (KAPPA], 2012) 46. 3 million households in the US have at least one dog. Also, 78. 2 million dogs are owned in the US. Figure 1 shows the amount pet owners have spent over the last five years. The market for specialized products for dogs is growing. There is a great trend of providing specialized services for dogs. Healthy treats and food are also very important to dog owners. If the dog stays healthy, they will be around for a long time. Spot’s Barkers offers a large variety of health dog treats.

Weaknesses Spot’s Barkers has no brand or image that other dog treats or bakery have. This weakness will be fixed through advertising and product placement. The products at Spot’s Barkers are not known for being quality healthy treats. This will be fixed by getting customers to try the products and tell their friends if they are satisfied. If they are not satisfied tell the barkers how the products could be better. Customers do not know all of the different products that are available in the store or where the store is located. Opportunities Fulfill a need of people wanting a healthy fresh option to give their dogs as a treat.

Make people feel good about paying extra money on specialty items for their dogs. Giving customers a place where their dogs can come in and pick out the products they like the best. Threats Greater competition from other dog bakery in the area and companies who make prepackaged dog treats. Customers no longer having the ability to spend extra money on items for their dogs. The ability to purchase all the ingredients needed to make the treats at a reasonable cost. 2. 3 Competition The competitors for Spot’s Barkers are large companies that produce prepackaged dog treats and Three Dogs Bakery which is open in another area within the same town.

Three Dogs Bakery would be the greatest competition because their product offering is similar. They are the only other dog bakery in the area. If consumers do not go to either bakery, their dog will not have a fresh baked treat. Three Dogs Bakery offers dog owners a place to bring their dogs and let the dogs pick out the treat they would like. Three Dogs place in the market is on top. They currently only have to compete with the prepackaged treat market. They are the only bakery in the area that offers freshly baked treats for dogs. Their market is the same market that Spot’s Barkers will focus upon. . 4 Product Offering The products offered by Spot’s Barkers fulfill the want of dog owners to provide their dogs with a fresh baked healthy treat. It also allows consumers the ability to bring their dogs to the store with them and allow their dogs to pick out their own treats. The products offered will be a large variety of treats. There will be cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, candy, and cakes. Owners can order either cakes or cookie cakes for special occasions such as their dogs birthday. Spot’s Barkers will also have a small room where customers can host a dog birthday party.

The owners can bring their dog and their friends and families dogs together for the celebration. There will be a dog play area for all the dogs to play together. A dog cake will be included in the room rental and each dog will be served a piece of cake with ice cream. The dog owner will also have the option to purchase a goodie bag to be sent home with each dog as a party favor. Spot’s will have samples available around the store and each dog that comes into the barkers will receive one free treat. There will also be a loyalty card which will give the dog owner a free $10. 00 purchase after each $100. 00 spent.

There will be specials available throughout the year as well. The goal is for each dog and owner to leave happy and for them to want to return. Spot’s Barkers retailers. 2. 5 Keys to Success For this plan to be successful people will have to come into Spot’s Barkers to see all of the options available. The products have to taste great and the smell appealing to all. The word will have to spread that a fresh baked option is available for dogs and it is nearby. The products will have to be high quality and reasonably priced. By offering a loyalty card and different specials each month, customers will continue to come back. . 6 Critical Issues As a new business the first issue will be getting a positive image out to the customers. There will be the main barkers where customers can bring their dogs, but there will also be display/purchase cases at a few local gas stations. The products will clearly be marked “For Dogs Only. ” There will be a coupon for a free dog treat of their choice if they bring the coupon into the barkers. This gives customers an incentive to come to the barkers, but also gives them the option of not aging a special trip to buy their dog a fresh baked treat.

These display/purchase cases will be filled early each morning. The main issue will be to make people understand that these treats are only for dogs. If they like what they find and their dog likes the treat as well, they will make the trip into the actual barkers. 3. 0 Marketing Strategy The marketing strategy will be focus based. Spot’s Barkers will concentrate marketing on those potential customers who have a need for their products. Those who love their dogs want to keep them healthy and happy, so they will want healthy east treats to give them.

If they are fresh baked with natural ingredients it is even better. The integrated marketing communications that will be used are general advertising, sales promotion, and direct marketing. The general advertising strategies that will be used are through media, word of mouth, other pet related businesses and promotions. There will be advertisements on the local radio stations, in the news papers, and direct mailings to the neighborhoods surrounding the stores area. At the local gas stations there will be advertisements on the sales cases with a upon for a free dog treat of their choice on their first visit.

Also, anyone who brings their dog in with them, their dog will get to sample two treats each time they come in. To get customers to keep coming in there will be a loyalty cards called “paw perks. ” Paw perks allows customers to earn rewards based on the amount of money they spend in the store. For every $100 spent, they get $10 in free treats and 15% off their next visit. If customers sign up for the mailing list, both the dog and its owner will receive something special on their birthdays. These strategies have been chosen cause they have proven to work with other companies. Customers enjoy a way to get something free.

In order for them to receive their free item they must continue to return to the store. General advertising will get the stores name out to the public to let them know it exists. Once people are aware of the store, it is the barker’s Job to impress the customer and get them to return. A happy customer is a loyal customer who will tell their friends and family about their wonderful experience. 3. 1 Mission The purpose of Spot’s Barkers is to bring quality, healthy, tasty fresh baked treats to dogs in the SST. Louis, Missouri area. Dogs are part of people’s families and want to have fresh baked goods they can love and enjoy.

Customers who love and enjoy taste test. There will be fresh baked treats daily that dogs can sample and have their owners purchase for them. Spot’s will have sales cases in local gas stations for customers on the go. Spot’s will provide fresh treats as long as dogs are around to eat them. 3. 2 Marketing Objectives The marketing objectives of Spot’s Barkers are to reach out to customers who want to give their dogs a healthy tasty treat. This is a place where dogs are welcome to hop and taste any treats desired. Give customers on the ago place to pick up a quick treat for their dog through the sales cases in the local gas stations.

Sell at least 75% of the products made each day. Then offer any leftover treats to customers the next day as day old treats at half price. Offer a customer loyalty program to keep customers coming back. Provide a free treat coupon to get potential customers to come into the store for the first time. 3. 3 Financial Objectives The financial objectives of Spot’s Barkers are to achieve 1% of the local market share by the end of the first year. To accomplish this task the store will have to sell about 75% of the treats made daily. Also, dog birthday cakes will need to be a big selling item.

The sales cases in the local gas stations will need to see about 90% of its daily stock. Day old products will be sold for half price to minimize waste. If the achievements are met, Spot’s Barkers plans to have 5% of the local market share by the end of year five. 3. 4 Target Markets Dog lovers are everywhere. People want to spoil their beloved family members with healthy fresh baked treats. A general focus strategy will be used to market the archery to the target market. This will allow the barkers to concentrate their energy on those who would actually be interested in the products offered.

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