Chapter 1&2 Assignment

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In summarizing a work of writing, use your own words to describe the authors meaning. O First write a summary sentence of every paragraph, then summarize those sentences in two or three others that captures the authors meaning. • Summarize the content in writing to be sure you understand it or, as often happens, to come to understand it. • Inference- Drawing conclusions about a work based on your store of information and experience.

Important in discovering a writers assumptions. • Assumptions- opinions or beliefs, often unstated, that direct the writer’s choice of ideas, support, writing strategies, and languages. • Synthesis- using your perspective to link elements into a whole or to link two or more wholes. • Every essay should have a point, a main idea the writer wants to communicate. O Many writers sum up this idea in a sentence or two, a thesis statement. • Purpose- the writer’s apparent reason for writing. Evidence- how the author supports ideas, making them concrete and convincing •

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No writing strategy is as crucial to success as finding an appropriate structure. O Writing that is clear and convincing almost always has unity and coherence. • Tone comes in part from sentence structures. Figures of speech- bits of colorful language not meant to be taken literally. • Visual images are not much different from written texts. O Get the big picture, analyze, infer, synthesize, and often evaluate. • Always write while examining a visual image or images o Jotting down responses, questions and other notes will help you Jog further thought into being. Chapter Two

Subject, audience and purpose are main components in writing situations. O What are you writing about? Whom are you writing for? Etc. • A Journal is a notebook or tablet or computer file in which you record your thoughts for yourself. O Free to write however you want to get your thoughts down. • Discovery is the 2nd phase of the writing process. You critically examine any text or image that is part of the assignment and begin to generate ideas for writing. O Should always be a writing stage o May produce a rough draft Let yourself go: self-consciousness at this stage will only Jam the flow of thoughts.

Free writing Is a technique to Limier up. You write walkout stooping Tort 1 minutes. • Thesis is a core idea to which everything relates. O Do not state facts o Projects a single idea o Hints about the writer’s purpose. Discovery stage yields to drafting; writing out sentences and paragraphs, linking ideas, focusing them.

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