What Are the Main Factors for a Successful Exhibition? Assignment

What Are the Main Factors for a Successful Exhibition? Assignment Words: 650

What are the main factors for a successful exhibition? Assignment:One Programme No. :NES-A7514-2009-3 Programme Name:Events, Exhibitions and Conference Management Student Name:Yiu Min (Susanna) Date:27 November 2009 Introduction Every exhibitor intends to fulfill a successful exhibition, but how to define successful? Is it only attracted a crowd? Therefore as a exhibitor we really need to clear the criteria and important factor for a successful exhibition. In general, exhibitions are primarily aimed at sharing something with a wider community.

So the aim and vision of the exhibition should be clear and precise, in order to reach the target audience with full effect. Evaluate the clear objectives What is the purpose of the exhibition? What objectives and mission we need to fulfill? Use the ‘theme and theatre’ idea to link together all the component strategies; gain synergy by making the elements work in harmony. Choosing the right place and right timing The location of the exhibition must attract the right audience, and it must be a suitable launch pad for our new products.

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The period of the exhibition should be fit in with our production schedules, and be capable of coinciding with our other advertising and promotion. Research more information will be help to making decision. Choosing the right person A successful exhibit will rely on managing and coordinating the activities of a number of internal and external stakeholders, many of them will not report their responsibility and working progress to us, so proactive communication is very important. Smoothly cooperation will come from committing people (e. . exhibit manager) who will already be connected with their own programmes, problems and responsibilities. Therefore the first priority is to win the support and commitment of the people who will be involved and respect their expertise. Attracting the right audience The shape of Audience Certificates can produce properly researched reports on the audience, it can give us the information of finding our audience ‘s comments or behavior, let us to do a better promotional activities. Set up the exhibition plan

A well planner can’t guarantee a perfect exhibition, but without planning is almost ended up with disaster. A well-organized exhibition plan including the following elements: •Setting the right objectives. •The stand design strategy. •Our pre-show promotion. •Our follow-up activity. •Establishing success criteria. •Setting a budget. •Managing the project. Moreover, there are four key strategies to build up our promotional event, and all of them must be fit together, which are: (1)Stand design

Linking our pre-show activities and prospect expectation, motivated the buyer to visit and large enough to have a meeting together to achieve a sales result. (2)Pre-show promotion Let the target audience know we will be at a show and where is the stand, using promotional activities to raise the probability that visitors will come, help us to qualify the sort of prospects you want to meet before they arrive. (3)Selling on the stand

If the objective of the exhibition is to increase the selling, then we must involve sales team selection, sales team leadership, briefing and training, accommodating and feeding as well as the critical factors which influence the ways in which sales people acquit themselves at the show. (4)Follow-up activity Most of the long-term benefits accruing from a show occur as a result of effective follow-up, activity critical to both the success of the show and to the development of future business. Conclusion

Apply success criteria to our exhibition plan will lead our product have better sales results. Moreover, avoid doing the following mistakes is the vital factor. Nobody know what they are supposed to do, poor quality of visitors, bad location of the stand, ineffective quality and design of the stand, undistinguished performance of personnel arrangement, lack of follow-up actions, poor recognition of company by visitors, poor communication of corporate identity, inadequate control of costs and budgets.

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