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Applied A2 level Business Vocational Unit 10 Unit TitlePROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES How you will be assessed| * You need to acquire core knowledge of how businesses combine promotional activities, such as advertising and personal selling, into a promotional mix and of how these choices are vital to the success of a promotional campaign. * You will need to consider how promotional activities are designed to alter customer attitudes, and investigate how the cost of promotional activities affects the final choice of promotional activities. What you need to produce| You need to produce a plan of a promotional campaign, working within an allocated budget, for a new or existing business, which: A. (A01) Explains the main objectives of the promotion campaign, the range of promotional activities available to the business and the characteristics of the targeted customers. B. (A02) Explains how the campaign’s promotional mix and timings and costs of promotional activities are designed to achieve the campaign’s objectives.

C. (A03) Analyses the following research to develop the campaign plan: customer attitudes:; the AIDA model; available business resources. D. (A04) Evaluates the suitability of the campaign’s promotional mix, based on an assessment of: the ability of the campaign to achieve its objectives; customer attitudes; the cost of the promotional activities compared with available resources. | Task|

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Task 1 (A01) Deadline 18th July 2007To identify a new or existing business where a promotional plan could either improve consumer demand or generate consumer demand, giving a brief description of the business: * what the business provides (products/services) * the size of the business * a realistic budget figure that could be gained for the promotional campaign (This will need to be a real business and an interview with the owner will need to be arranged – keep interview notes for appendices)Task 2 (A01)

Deadline 21st September 2007To outline the main objectives that your chosen business would look to achieve by running an advertising campaign, focusing and expanding on the following areas: * customer awareness * image of the business * generating/increasing sales * customer loyalty * customer perceptions of the product(Again talking to the business owner will help you to gain a good understand of what he/she wants to achieve – use comparisons with other successful businesses in your market, and market trends, when justifying your objectives – keep data generated for appendices)Task 3 (A01) Deadline 19th October 2007Identify and explain the range of promotional activities which would be realistically available to your business focusing and expanding on: * sales promotion * merchandising * personal selling * exhibitions * advertising * public relations(Remember some of the above may not be realistic for your chosen businesses size – other businesses promotional materials could be used in helping to explain or justify your choices – talk to the business owner for his ideas)Task 4 (A01) Deadline 2nd November 2007Identify and explain the characteristics of the customers your business is looking to attract (e. g. ge, location and income). Task 5 (A02/A03) Deadline 23rd November 2007Carry out both primary and secondary market research, in order to gain data which can then be used to 1. Analyse consumer attitudes, the AIDA model and available business resources 2. Identifies and explains from the data and analysis gained, which promotional activities would best used to achieve the aims and objectives of the campaignTask 6 (A02) Deadline 7th December 2007Estimate, with detailed reasoning, the costs involved in running each promotional activity and develop a timed plan of when each promotional activity will take place, giving a reasoned explanation of your timed plan. Again an interview with the owner to find his opinions + research into the typical costs involved in your promotional activities will be required when carrying out this task)Task 7 (A02) Deadline 21st December 2007Provide a detailed description of the promotional activities that your business is going to conduct in its promotional campaign: * explaining how it will help to achieve the objectives of the campaign * using realistic and detailed examples of what will be used within each promotional activity Task 8 (A04) Deadline 18th January 2008 Provide a detailed evaluation of the suitability of the promotional mix that you have developed for your chosen usiness, based on: * the ability of the campaign to achieve its objectives * customer attitudes and how they influenced your promotional campaign * the cost of the promotional activities compared with available resources (budget available)(To evaluate this plan effectively you will need to draw upon the evidence gained from your previous tasks)FULL ASSIGNMENT HAND IN DATE: 25th JANUARY 2008| | Grading Opportunities| * See attached grading grid| Resources| Key Skills| | C3. 3, N3. 1, ICT3. 1| Task| Deadline Date| Task 1| 18th July 2007| Task 2| 21st September 2007| Task 3| 19th October 2007| Task 4| 2nd November 2007| Task 5| 23rd November 2007| Task 6| 7th December 2007| Task 7| 21st December 2007| Task 8| 18th January 2008| Overall assignment| 25th January 2008|

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