What is the difference between aim and objective? Assignment

What is the difference between aim and objective? Assignment Words: 270

Using the businesses that you have looked at in Assignment 1. You have been asked to write a report entitled ‘Business aims and objectives in different sectors’ to help the departments understand, you must include the following? Define aims and objectives. (What is an aim and what is an objective? Describe the purpose for a business in setting aims and objectives. (Why do businesses set objectives?

Think about the people in the business and why having an aim helps). (P2) ?Write the aims and objectives for a selected business. (P3) To do this you should discuss the general aims and objectives for each business sector: These are Private, Public, Not-for profit, Voluntary, and Government. Then choose one business to write about in more detail. You should list the aims and objectives for the business and explain how the business works towards achieving them.

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Explain the importance of achieving the aims and objectives. The sectors and a business example are as follows: Private: Tesco Public: NHS Not-for profit: Oxfam Voluntary: Barnardos Government: HMRC ?Compare the aims and objectives of different businesses. (M1) ? Assess whether a selected business meets its aims and objectives. (D1) You must consider the following:

Aims and objectives: mission: aims (the long-term visions or goals of a business), objectives (specific, measurable achievable, realistic, time constrained (SMART) targets to help achieve the overall aims of a business); purpose of objectives in providing a business focus (eg break even, growth, profit maximization, survival, market share, sales, service provision); relationship with other businesses; failing to meet aims and objectives; business consequences Sector: government; private; public; not-for profit; voluntary Deadline: Friday 25th October 2013

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