Week One Assignment

Week One Assignment Words: 488

At the core of all mass communication is writing and being able communicate clearly and effectively to large groups of people. The various channels for mass communication include, but are not limited to: books; magazines; newspapers; internet; radio and television. Additionally, marketing, public relations and advertising are included under the mass communication umbrella.

During this course, students will learn in individual, small-groups settings and as an entire class the following: how to write and publish (both in print and on-line) newspaper articles; schedule and conduct effective interviews; identify key media intact; evaluate, develop and disseminate press releases and press kits; develop specialty magazines from inception to publication; and write, edit and produce television segments for broadcast.

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Grading The final grade for the semester will be consist of the cumulative totals of five modules of mass communication, AP and newsroom quizzes and a final project, to be presented to the class at the end of the semester. The breakdown of grades is as follows: 25% AP and Newsroom Style Quizzes 15% Writing Assignments 50% Weekly Video Packages 10% Final Project Again, ALL assignments should be submitted following the guidelines set about in the AP Storybook.

It is my full expectation that each student will develop professional, functional mass media components that can be a part of their permanent educational and professional portfolio. We will also be using wry. Newsroom . Com as a vital part of our class work. This site, and the information contained on it, is imperative for you to develop your writing skills, as it focuses solely on proper grammar, word usage and format. The grades from this site will count as 25% of your total grade. You will have access to this site 24 hours a day. I look forward to working with you this semester.

Week One Introduction/Syllabus Go over AP Storybook Bellower and Procedures Rules for Writing News Stories?Activity One Activity 2?interview with Both Sap Week Two Types of Stories and Leads?Activities 4 and 5 Lead Writing?Activity 6 Write a Feature Story?Activity 7 Combining Sources?Activity 8 Writing Stories?Activities 9 and 10 How to do Re-writes?Activity 1 1 Week Three The Job of an Editor?Activity 12-15 How to Layout Copy?Activity 16 Conducting an Interview Write a Story Based on an Interview Week Four Shooting Basics Single Camera Set-up Multiple Camera Set-up

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