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Comprehensive Business Governance Plan Georgia A. Jackson-Thompson University of Phoenix Political Acumen and Ethics PHIL 736 John Possum March 25, 2013 Ovenbirds is a nonprofit organization developing from a small organizational structure to middle to large organization with revenues and supports totaling $15,500. 383, that consist of 90. 3% in program services and 9. 7% in support (Ovenbirds Website, 2013, Annual Report). Over 25 years ago, Ovenbirds began providing services throughout the Los Angels Counties and continues to develop new services as needed.

The organization service delivery includes Mental Health, Community Services, Foster Care, and Health Services. The expansion of Ovenbirds services and polices involve the separation of the Medical Service as a stand along organization with its own 501 (c) 3 and board of directors. The startup off mobile health screening unit from a collaboration with United Health Care, and efforts in place to provide a central location (on-stop approach) for families to receive services. Efforts to expand nationally or internationally have not been approached at this time.

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Ovenbirds faced with the adjustments from possibly sun setting two or more programs that will affect staffing, revenue, and facilities. Currently, Ovenbirds employ about 110 staff members with a governing board of 18 members for three divisions (Foster Care, Mental Health, and Community Services) and 1 5 board members for the medical services division. Ovenbirds have a generalized leadership structure where the Administration or Executive Team controls the divisions in regional locations that use the brand name of the organization (Smith, 2007).

The possible growing size in the workforce of Ovenbirds constitutes a simple nonprofit governance plan (Curran & Tone, 2010; Miscarriage, 2013; Rene, 2013) to assist in achieving its goals that include stakeholders and business. Ovenbirds can benefit from a nonprofit governance plan to connect them to stakeholders and business practices that the boards have control over. The recondite manner to connect with customers, managers, line staff, and other stakeholders could be achieved through the development and implementation of a governance plan.

Ovenbirds has various needs in the area of genealogy that includes the networking regional offices, updating hardware systems, and software programs as a key to providing quality (Brenner, 2010). It is important that Ovenbirds governance plan include information technology (IT) in it to address the needs and to maintain its good name for providing quality services. IT updates and links to achieving goals can catapult the brand name into the big league as seen in larger organizations. For example having ["having” as a transitive verb is vague. Reconsider the sentence using "possessing,” "acquiring,” "developing,” etc.

Often internally and externally while complying with HIPPO law requirements related to transferring sensitive health information. A nonprofit governance plan Curran & [Use an ampersand (&) only in a company name or inside the parentheses of an in-text citation. Anywhere else, spell out "and”] Tone, 2010; Miscarriage, 2013; Rene, 2013). Sets the stage for accountability and ethics for the decision-making processes that the board of directors are challenged [Passive v[Passive voice]illing the mission, values, and vision of the organization.

This paper provides a non-profit Spell as one word without hyphen] governance plan for implementation by Ovenbirds. The plan will address [Doctoral-[Doctoral-level comment (but recommended for any collegiate writer)–Avoid anthropomorphism (attributing human characteristics to nonhuman or inanimate objects). Consider that no plan can "address. "] customer service, IT needs of improvement, decision-making, and values stated as important to the organization. The governance plan will provide a strategy for implementation and preliminary structure to facilitate the plan if adopted by Ovenbirds executive team.

Importance and benefits of the governance plan for Ovenbirds The non-profit [Spell as one [Spell as one word without hyphen]an a function that provides standards and guidelines for a structured board of directors (Miscarriage, 2004; Rene, 2013) and controls the organization to meet stakeholders and business goal (Georges, 2012). To further explain governance, it is the manner in which decision-making is processed based [Passive voice[Passive voice]ed and established mission, values, and vision.

Ovenbirds mission, values, and vision are as follows: Mission Ovenbirds is a compassionate community of care dedicated to healing children, strengthening families, and transforming communities Vision The vision is of a society in which every family can provide a loving, healthy, and secure home where children can grow and thrive. Values Ovenbirds strives to commit to providing the highest quality services to the most vulnerable children and their families in the Los Angels area.

Our strength is the result of the team effort of our employees, our volunteer leadership, our founders, and our program participants in the highest regard (Ovenbirds Website, 2013). Leaders should take pride in conducting the business of Ovenbirds with integrity while practicing the highest ethical standards that will continue throughout the development of the governance plan. According to Rene (2013) there is a push to incorporate the “new nonprofit governance” (peg. 16) that shifts the board to the governance plan. This new concept is slow to take hold in the nonprofit sector.

In these times of failing economics and shifts of political acumen there is an increase for governance plans, especially in the nonprofit sector where funding is shifting to other areas of need. Nonprofit business and for-profit business confront changes or services, and technology (Were, 2007). A governance plan would help with organization’s addressing changes or challenges through bring together resources (human) and complexities of structured boards to facilitate change and achievements for the organization (Rene, 2013).

Ovenbirds as a nonprofit organization face many challenges in it operation that lends itself to a governance plan. The agency provides services under for divisions – Mental Health, Foster Care, Community Services, and Medical Services across Los Angels County. The human resources include a vast range of professionals and Para-professionals throughout the divisions based on needs and Job descriptions. This in itself creates challenges for the organization that can affect the social service industry and workforce based on training needs and cross-training to expand specialized positions.

The use of a comprehensive IT system can assist in matching skills sets and training needs to control retention, recruitment, and hiring cost. Ovenbirds benefits from a governance plan that instill the values, vision, practices, and culture that mission of the organization. Within the past few years Ovenbirds new executive leadership team have incorporated values and principles that include transparency, accountability, sound leadership, integrity, ethics, and other valuable principles Monsoons, 2009) through the extended management group. The nonprofit governance plan will provide benefits to the organization.

Firstly [The extra syl[The extra syllable in "Firstly” adds no additional meaning because the word is seldom adverbial in intention. Use the word without "lye”]ent team can increase ethical and moral decision-making recesses with connections to stakeholders [if not possessive[if not possessive, "stakeholders” is spelled without the apostrophe]me [As an adjective, th[As an adjective, these two words are hyphenated]ughout the regional offices. Sound decision-making is a key factor in increase competitive advantage in a fast past industry Monsoons, 2009).

Secondly [Leave out “lye”[Leave out "lye”]intain and retain principles and mission shared by the executive team as well as integrity, ethical practices, customers, and consumers that [Check word usage–el[Check word usage–elf this word refers to a unman being, people are never "that” or "which,” they are "who”]ces. The implementation and facilitation of the plan can increase the brand and usage [Check spelling: “Usage”[Check spelling: "Usage” refers primarily to legal procedures or grammar; most writing situations call for "use”]justify">Ovenbirds nonprofit governance plan Ovenbirds governance plan will demonstrate [Anthropomorphism] the effective[Anthropomorphism]tion for achieving goals. The governance plan will allow for [This is a phrasal verb, two wor[This is a phrasal verb, two words that together mean something different from their individual definitions–looking up each rod in the dictionary would not produce the meaning, which could cause misinterpretation in an international business communication. Try different wording, such as simply "allow” or a form of "provides,” "permits,” etc. ]ecision-making of some of the goals.

Ovenbirds regional offices * To increase decision-making throughout To connect departments or divisions within Ovenbirds and streamline operations to promote synergy in obtaining the agency’s goals * TO improve customer service based on developing policies and processes that add alee to the services and the customer or consumer * To maintain principles and values established by the executive team * To improve employee morale throughout the divisions * To provide effective solutions to challenges as they [Check pronoun agreement–if “they[Check pronoun agreement–if "they” refers to "the customer” (or a singular subject), it should be singular, too (he or she) and perhaps require adjusting the following verb]bility to soft funding projects that can convert to on- going [Spell as one word without hyphen] social [Spell as one word without hyphen]justify">Organizational [Do not capitalize without the complete na[Do not capitalize without the complete name of the institution (unless in a citation or as the first word in a sentence)] operation under the current organization structure that entail a centralized structure based out of [The term is “based on” or “based in[The term is "based on” or "based in”]o place, instead of “whe[If not referring too place, instead of "where,” use "which” or "in which”] the power in decision-making in matter that the involve the brand and key areas of the organization. The Board and CEO function room a top down tier while [“While” is accurate in linking simultaneous eve["While” is accurate in linking simultaneous events (meaning "during”), but if that is not the case here, use "although,” "whereas,” "and,” or "but”]] extended management team members [consider removing "then”]his word refers too human being, people a[Check word usage–elf this word refers too human being, people are never "that” or "which,” they are "who”]own ladder. The board and executive team concern themselves with the global matters of the organization.

IT [Writing suggestion: often you can remove “With” and “it” (and t[Writing suggestion: often you can remove "With” and "it” (and the comma before "it” if resent), simplifying the sentence– the global matters of the organization]tion: Avoid leaving a space before a comma] extended management team, [Punctuation: Avoid leaving a space before a comma]process. The aim is for technologies that allow for the usage of web based [Check spelling–if “web based” functions as an adjective, the two words [Check spelling–if "web based” functions as an adjective, the two words should be spelled as one hyphenated word] other needs per assessment.

The benefits of implementing a provenance plan (Rene, 2013) include the facilitation of a multi-year strategic plan, increase communication, shared costs, increase decision-making time, and increase in competitive positioning. Also, [Remove comma (unless introducing a nonrestrictive phrase)] the agency establish[Remove comma (unless introducing a nonrestrictive phrase)]age, 2004). The increase of accountability and control will permeate from Ovenbirds organizational plan Organization culture plan Ovenbirds relies on the followers to support the culture of the organization in areas of accountability, integrity, impassioned service, and take pride in their skills as well as support the challenges of their leadership Monsoons, 2009).

Another area to consider for developing a supportive culture is mind, body, and spirit approach that adds to the vision for the followers to experience a sense of self an altruistic level of service Monsoons, 2009) as well as add in ethical standards for codes of conduct. The organizational culture connects all [Writing suggestion: “All” or “all of” used as an intensifier very often[Writing suggestion: "All” or "all of” used as an intensifier very often can be removed with no loss of meaning]s, and ethics, The development of Ovenbirds organizational culture plan can increase the sustainability of the principles and policies passed down from the executive team. Ovenbirds values and principles generate from establishing integrity, accountability, and work hard. The leadership embraces these principles in practice and in service to improve the brand and profitability of the organization.

Information technology plan The plan to increase communication throughout the regions connected to administration is the goal and the life line for improved sustainability (Brenner, 2010). IT is a [Use “an”] every going and changing industry of in itself and [Run-on sentence: [Use "an”]efore “and” if the following is an independent cla[Run-on sentence: Insert comma before "and” if the following is an independent clause (not part of a series)] cost associated with IT innovations and implementation has increased while budgets have decreased. Therefore [Insert comma after this introductory word (or phrase)] the challenge is to create a [Us[Insert comma after this introductory word (or phrase)]nal structure plan to meet the[Use "an”]organizational goals.

IT holds a [Use “an”] important position in the structure and must be connected [Passive voice] t[Use "an”]r decrease in resources, facilities, budgets, and services be[Passive voice] a profound effect on communications and brand. The information sharing would decrease the use of technology beyond employment, aware of changes in regional offices to increase productivity, decrease fraud, and virus. IT functions is the key to moving the governance plan into action. The evaluation process will include a proposal to the board and executive team, analysis of financial soundness, review of aerogram tenure, shared resources, and facilities appropriateness for IT plan developments. The evaluation will include a review of customers and founders needs as well to create a continuum of communication improvements.

Conclusions Ovenbirds humble beginnings 25 usage: This phrase is most accurate in referring to something owed ($5 due) or an arrival time (due at 6:00)–try “because” or “because of”] ever changing business environment (Were, 2007). The nonprofit sector is evolving and developing to new practices toward governance (Miscarriage, 2004; Rene, 2013). Ovenbirds is on that tat of increasing governance as a meaner to achieving goals through implementing a the plan outlined in this paper. There are areas of improvement, however [Place semicolon instead of a comma before this conjunctive adverb if it begins a new clause[Place semicolon instead of a comma before this conjunctive adverb if it begins a new clause (and if a semicolon follows it, replace it with a comma)]with regularly evaluation of the proc[Wordiness: "along the way” is informal and vague]tabs__title">How to cite this assignment

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