Peanuts Characters Assignment

Peanuts Characters Assignment Words: 287

All four Peanuts characters take different approaches to their assignment. Though most finish successfully, they all encounter problems on the way that influence the direction their report takes. All begin by saying “Homework, yuck. ” None of them enjoy the Lucy attempts to write whatever comes to mind with some nonsense included . More focused on the word limit, she attempts to write several fillers with whatever comes to her mind. Though what most of what she writes makes sense, she ends up pausing often to find the longest way of writing out what she wants to say.

Schroeder attempts to start off with a normal introduction, but ends up going off topic and rambling about irrelevant topics, though he does make a weak attempt at connecting his rambles with the original topic. Unfortunately it continues throughout his entire report and “Peter Rabbit” is only mentioned about three times. Lines overbalances the children story amazingly. He goes into the “psychological” side and attempts to explain Peter Rabbit’s actions through science. Charlie Brown portrays most people when it comes to assignments that can be freely interpreted.

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He procrastinates and wonders about the importance of the assignment and the effect that it may have on his mental health. Though he eventually starts, the other kids are done by the time he decides to sit down and put thought into his assignment. I can personally relate to all four. When writing an assignment, I tend to use filler words, ramble on irrelevant topics, overbalance, and procrastinate. Though I do finish the assignment to the best of my ability, I always end up wondering to myself whether or not I could have done better.

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