Persuasive on Mac Books Assignment

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Should schools move on to the next stage of learning by using more technology such as Mossbacks? This question has been asked to me many times, and my answer has always been no! People’s opinions about this situation differ greatly. Moving on in learning is a spectacular idea but with technology and the internet, there are many things kids could get away with. There are various reasons as to why this idea is not the best benefit for the students. Here are some examples. First, the biggest thought for me would be the fact that everything that the

Macho has access to that is not involved with school is considered a distraction. There are already plenty of distractions in the classroom without the computers. Games are not too hard to find online and even with a blocked internet solution, kids still seem to find their way of playing games. Another distraction would be music, this could be when a teacher is calling someone’s name and gets no response, or this could be when a student decides to be silly and plays the music as loud as the speakers on the Macho can go.

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This could create a huge distraction for a student hat is trying to read or might be studying for an upcoming exam. Next, I feel that the computers overcome interactive speaking time with the students and teachers throughout each school day. I also think that students wouldn’t form quite the relationship with teachers as they would without the computers. It seems that the learning would come more from the Macho rather than the teacher. With that, when you have a teacher simply informing you on what section of what chapter to read, or what assignment to do online, it is almost entitles to be paying them to be there.

In my opinion, conversations and debates throughout the classroom are very important. It teaches students to be able to control themselves and listen and understand what the other students have to say and to be able to figure out how to persuade others that their opinion is right about a certain topic. Then, there is much money involved when dealing with computers. This includes chargers, bags for the Macho, and the software included on the Mac such as Word and Microsoft Powering.

You will then of course face the situation when a student has lost his or her computer, or the computer has been stolen. Much thought and preparation would have to be considered when dealing with this, such as with insurance or making the students replace the property. Macho chargers cost around $80, and for a student to misplace a charger or to rip the thin cord wouldn’t be too hard, especially when there is confusion between who’s charger is who’s. But for most of the students in the school, $80 doesn’t come easy, and there would also e much frustration when dealing with that.

In conclusion, I disagree with the idea of schools moving on to the next stage of learning by using more technology such as Mossbacks. It would bring much distraction to the students while they are trying to learn, the computers would separate the students from each other and from the teacher in an interactive, verbal way, and much money and planning would be involved in the process. I think that day students. And technology might be the answer, but I don’t think giving each student a Macho is.

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