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Sports in schools Ellen Reardon 5th hour Blessing May 6, 2014 About 6 million high school boys and girls participate in team sports on the courts, in the pools, on the fields, and in the gyms. The amount of stress caused by sports often is insignificant compared to other sources such as family problems, peer conflicts, school pressures, etc. Sports also helps students learn out to manage with stress.

The topic of whether or not schools should keep sports programs has been discussed among many school presentiments over the past few years. Students need sports in school for many reasons. Sports can help with stress, focus, grades, and over all motivation. Keeping sports in schools can help students with a lot more than just getting exercise. Sports are a huge stress reliever for some students. They can distract students from the stress of school and stress from home.

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By doing this it can clear a student’s mind for some time giving them the time to relax ND have fun competing. Sports also can help students build some sort of a reliable and hardworking attitude. Sports teach students to be respectful of their coaches while also teaching a team how to rely on each other. Students learn how to respect not only themselves but other people around them. On the other hand sports do cost a lot of money that the schools could spend on other things like new textbook, computers, or lab equipment.

There are also ate night games or meets the may make students get home late and not have the energy to complete assignments. Sports may cost a lot of time and money but they are still important. Those 6 million high school athletes would agree that sports are important in school. There are many reason why sports help student, physically and mentally. They help as a stress reliever, as a distraction from the hard work of school, and they help in building good moral character.

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