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Back then, it was also well known as men New Negro Movement”, named after a famous poem titled The New Negro, written by a significant African American philosopher of this era, Lain Locke of 1925. The Renaissance involved many writers associated with Harlem, Manhattan, a ND the migration of African Americans from one part of the U. S. To another. This cultural move meet marked the first time, society as a whole noticed and focused on African American Literal ere.

Although some did not believe that the Renaissance had an influence on African America an literature or the community, Harlem Renaissance became the period in which a group of Africa an American poets reduced amazing literature in three categories of art, essays, and poetry. The New Negro Movement was inspired by Marcus Graver, CEO of The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNION), Lain Locke, the author of t he poem “New Negro”, and W. E. B Du Bois, an American Civil Rights Activists and editor. The movement motivated blacks and boosted their pride.

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African Americans now expanded their culture through deep artwork and literature. Harlem Renaissance did no t only shape American culture, but it also added its own elements to the American tradition n. It offered ewe ways of understanding and visualizing what it meant to be a black back a t this cruel time in history. Iberian, an African historian, states in his book, “Journey Thro ugh the Power of the Rainbow,” that “The best of humanity recorded history is a Cree dative balance between the horrors endured and victories achieved, and so it was d urine The Harlem Renaissance. (Iberian, 81 . ) This explained and proved that the move moment led to new philosophical ideas regarding all the conflicts African Americans expert encode in the twenties of America. This significant change in the mindset of African Name scans stuck throughout centuries and still carries on even today. Harlem Renaissance is among literary and artistic movements due to it’s connection to Civil Rights and reform organizations. It encircled everything fro political pieces to jazz poetry. This era brings along some great poets, such as , Claude McKay, James Weldon Johnson, and Counted Culled.

Longboats Hughes was by far one of the best poets on this period. The Crisis Magazine, the official magazine of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) that WA s mainly subscribed to blacks only. Negro World, the newspaper authored by Marcus Graver was the reason why African American writing was published. The Harlem Renaissance helped African Americans draw up a vision and gain opportunities for publications. The publications included poetry, short SST orgies, and essay sent it by black writers.

This encouraged more to write and express thee r feelings through art, expression was a new way of feeling free. Harlem was described by Lain Locke (1 8861 954) “as not being the largest Negro populated community, but the first concentration in history of s mom many diverse elements of Negro life” (44. ) The Renaissance was related to “The New Negro 1925)” edited by Lain Locke, was the closest written statement that ideally list Ted The Harlem Renaissance. Locke promoted musicians, writers, and artist to look to Africa as an inspiration of their works.

The New Negro describes the awareness and the e hope for black equality, he states no longer would blacks allow themselves to adjust themselves with unreasonable white requests. ” Here he IS creating an awareness on self inference that blacks have gained throughout the years of inequality. In fact, Houston A. Baker’s, in book “Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance,” indicates that “Locke success deed in writing our first national book, offering … The sounds, songs, images, and gig NSA off nation. (473) Baker is praising Locke for writing the New Negro book because it represents the beginning Of the Harlem Renaissance, and African American us e it to boost their self confidence. The power in Lock?s poetry was held in people an d made them look through their actions and behaviors, and also view life from a differ perspective. Locke has a great influence on literature, and he encouraged Poe pale to illustrate African and African American subjects in their writing. It is very vivo us that The Harlem Renaissance gave black people a cultural difference through liter tauter.

Literature was a great way to people used to show their emotions, pain, and motivation. W. E. B Du Bois is an African American editor and author, who wanted equal rights for African American. He used literature to spread motivation for the blacks. He was an ardent peace activists and advocate reduction of racism. Du Bois p published his collection of 14 essays named, “The Souls of Black Folk”, in 1903, and these sees says helped show the intellect of black race. He was a literary and cultural inspiration on that eloped activate the Harlem Renaissance and the powerful art about the Africa n American experience.

Du Bois used his influential role in Crisis magazine to expose and oppose racism and injustices, such as lynching and segregation. He promoted African American artistic talents in his writing called “A Negro Art Renaissance. ” He wanted black k artist to realize their ethical assignment by being committed to showing the issue of RA Coal equality in their work; in response to their own experience. His writings are a defining text of the The Negro Movement because of its deep effect on an entire genre action that retreated the center of Harlem Renaissance.

This movement produced work the at was both initiated and an engaged with the African American culture. The Harlem Renal seance created African American literature in the United States and influence on man y authors throughout the twentieth century. The Harlem Renaissance was a transformable period in time when poetry chaw engaged a nation of Parliamentarians to an incredible level. Longboats Hughes was one of the leading black writers in that time period, and wrote many different types of lit ratter. He wrote, and created a new literary art form called jazz poetry.

His poem “The N grog Speaks of Rivers,” provides solid unity for the African American history. His pop covered the issues faced by Parliamentarians with a combination of music, cheerfulness, and culture. Hughes essay spoke to the concerns of the Harlem Renaissance as it celebrated African American creative innovations such as blues, spirituals , jazz, and literary work that engaged African American life. The Harlem Renaissance was a rebirth of African American culture in New Your City. Literature from the Harlem Renaissance inspired many modern writers s such as Alice Walker, Impair Brake, Maya Angelo, and Toni Morrison.

It also influence Martin Luther King’s “l Have A Dream” speech because the speech seems to b e closely related to Longboats Hughes poem “Let America be America Again”. Harlem Re nuisance provided a very important advancement in African American Art and Literature Inspiration from Longboats Hughes and Lain Locke are witnessed in modern c ultra and society. Even though the movement has been over since, the effects of the AU thorns and words written are still generally known today. In conclusion, the legacy of the Harlem Renaissance has opened doors for Todd ayes African American writers.

The Harlem Renaissance was the internal spring for Parliamentarians branching out into the world on their own desire. The renal seance opened a new dimension for Parliamentarians and brought about the realization of “l c an do it, and do it with dignity, grace, and style. ” This time period in history was not just a nation anal movement, but an impact creating a revolution Of sorts. Harlem saw a nonbelievers work per excellence, in various fields, which gave Parliamentarians a renewed image and a fresh outlet ask. Harlem Renaissance has been the breeding ground for creative endeavors by authors , poets, and artists.

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