How sports can help you to upgrade your academic level Assignment

How sports can help you to upgrade your academic level Assignment Words: 420

How sports can help you to upgrade your academic level Gonzalez 1 In the world today, there is a prevalent view that everyone is extremely deterrent trot one another. We hear that each individual is like a snowflake “extremely unique, in their own right . In recent years, however , there has been research that indicates that, perhaps people can be categorized into two basic groups: those with sports mindset and those who do not play sports. This research demonstrates that those who do not play sports perform academic at a much lower level than those who play sports.

According to a study by the Society for Neuroscience, voluntary exercise can increase the number of brain cells in the hippopotamus (a brain structure important in learning and memory). Exercise also helps counter the effects of stress and boosts the brain’s ability to fight off infections. Research on those who do not participate in physical activity demonstrates that they have higher levels of fatigue. This provokes lack of energy, boredom, and emotional stress, therefore Jeopardizing the student’s ability academically.

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This decreases the likeliness of completing or investing effort in homework, tests, and basic school assignments. Regarding of those who play sports , they are always going to be with a open mind because of the fact that they would be with a myriad of energy , zero fatigue and feeling healthy, those three things help you to be positive all day, so you will be encourage of doing homework, study for your tests and put to yourself bigger academic challenges for your goals.

Gonzalez 2 Some may argue that sports are for dumb people because they think that most of the physical and athletic persons are stupid , but that’s only a stereotype of course , they are absolutely wrong , researches prove that professional football players have to be n a high academic level for play football otherwise they can’t play it , besides sports gives you confidence, leadership and discipline , those three things are principal factors of success in your life .

As mentioned earlier sports are the best way to improve your academic level by increasing one part of your brain call it , hippopotamus its very important for learning and for a better space of memory in your brain, its Just up to you to make the change in your life , no one else its going to do it for you , you decide weather you want to be a better person or a conformist.

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