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When something important happens to you, your brain will automatically assess the situation. This allows you to determine if there is danger or not, and react, that is to say, to handle the situation. When you feel that the demands of a situation is beyond what you can tolerate, a stress reaction clicks. Stress affects your physical and mental health. Some people experience physical symptoms, others only experience psychological effects and others have a combination of both. Conclusion: Stress can manifest itself in various ways, such as

inattention, memory lapses;
fatigue, lack of energy;
blurred vision;
depression or anxiety;
frequent mood swings; moments of anger;
heart pounding, stomach aches and backache;
Greater consumption of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, drugs.

Some of these symptoms may be related to medical conditions. If you have some or if you have difficulty identifying or understanding your symptoms,

Strategies can help manage stress
Change your working environment or education by creating a space that is quiet, well lit and comfortable. For some, it means eliminate distractions, reorganize the work space to make it cleaner and more organized, place a picture of family or friends nearby to watch it from time to time, etc.
Take breaks in your study. For example, go for a walk, watch part of a movie or TV show, call a friend or a family member, review the matter of another course easier or more enjoyable for you take deep breaths, listen to your favorite song by stretching, write down your thoughts in your journal, etc.
Apply relaxation techniques or pay you a massage.
Weep! Believe it or not, the tears have a calming and relaxing effect on the body.

If you experience stress during an exam:

Take a few minutes to repeat positive and confident thoughts in your head.
Keep things in perspective: “This is only a test.”
Stay calm by thinking of pleasant things. For example, think of your best childhood memory, a trip you hope to do one day, a family member or friend who will support you on whatever, your dog or cat in a comical joke that one has told you, etc.
Take deep breaths.

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