Managing Stress through effective Time Management Assignment

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Executive Summary In this report I have researched through Journals on stress and time management and have developed and understanding how I can manage my own stress with effective and efficient time management. How it would affect my performance in MBA programmer. What are different techniques would help me to improve myself. Managing Stress Stress is a physical and emotional reaction that everyone experiences as he or she come across changes in life. These reactions can have positive or negative effects. Stress has positive effects when it makes us deal fruitfully with daily problems and et challenges.

Stress has negative effects when it becomes continuous. Such negative effects can lead to depression and heart disease. Managing stress and time is one of the most important factors in an individual’s life, especially in a student’s life. Any given student is in a particular environment which has several forces affecting his/her day to day activities like studies, work, leisure activities, exams, presentations, family, friends, etc. Based on this, his/her performance is affected dramatically. It can be positive or negative depending on which stresses is affecting IM and how well the candidate is coping or managing the stresses.

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According to (Wheaten and Cameron, 2011, p. 117) there are four types of stresses namely, 1. Time Stresses. 2. Encounter Stresses. 3. Situational Stresses. 4. Anticipatory Stresses. There are number of examples through which we can come to know when people are under stress. People may experience headache, tense muscles, shaky hands, fatigue, insomnia, and heartburn. Stressed people may also feel nervous, fearful, confused, worried, irritable, and unable to concentrate. (Clinic Community Health Centre, 2010, . 10) I have faced almost all the types of stress when I used to work.

When I was working with Wiper during the year end there used to be lot work overload of insurance claims, due to which we had to extend our shifts. We had Strict and inflexible working schedules. Other reasons, like unpredictable working hours or working under time pressures, had always added stress to me in the past. But while working, my organization always took care of the employees by providing the Stress Management Training. Situations that cause stress may not be very obvious. Moving onto a newer, bigger house is a positive and exciting event but may also create unexpected stress.

As an example of Anticipatory stress, I always use to think what if I’m not able to achieve my target and quality parameters it would affect my performance at the organization, due to which I was insecure about my Job. Traveling from India to Canada, having never traveled before in my life, I had many safely or not, and would my baggage arrive with me. It Just added an additional stress to me as my life faced with a rapid change an example of situational stress. When under stress, people find it difficult to maintain a healthy steadiness between work and non-work life.

At the same time, they may engage in unhealthy activities, such as smoking drinking and drugs. The experience of work stress can cause an unusual and dysfunctional behavior at work and contribute to poor physical and mental health. As a student I’m also facing the similar situations when it comes to coping up with my studies. In a day the student has 24 hours to manage his/her work which unfortunately isn’t enough in this competitive world. Hence he/ she finds official to manage time efficiently and effectively.

Also he/she faces the problem of setting goals for themselves and proportioning their tasks, which affects the students in their studies as they tend to go off track from their studies and spend too much time on leisure activities. Due to which he/she fails to do their homework, assignments, projects, case studies, and presentations etc. On time. Delay in their works brings different stresses into play. Hence it is important to manage the time effectively and efficiently. By managing stress he/she can stay away from affecting or damaging their lath or mind.

Results from the Assessments and Actions to improve your performance As I have already mentioned above, I faced different stresses in my life but still I face the problem of time management. I fail to set my goals or prioritize my own tasks, due to which I’m unable to achieve my target. One of the reasons why this is happening is because I don’t have enough control of myself. I spent more time on leisure activities like hanging out with my friends, or playing football, cricket etc. With them. If not this, I either keep myself busy watching movies or watching TV series etc.

I fail to utilize my own time effectively and efficiently. This actually shows how concerned I am towards my own work. But I know this is Just an excuse for not utilizing my time effectively and efficiently. Because of which I’m not coping with my studies and I always do last minute preparation for my quizzes and exams. When I did the time management assessment, I lay in top quartile in my assessment for the time management with the score of 102 which is pretty low. This is exactly why I need to improve on my time management skills, so that I can improve on my MBA studies.

Also, my scores in the skill area of managing stress (Eliminating Stresses – 17, Developing Resiliency – 20, Short Term Coping – 1 1) are below average. Hence with the help of time management I can improve my own performance in studies and it would also help me in the future. I have come up with different techniques which would help me to manage my time effectively and efficiently. The specific actions that I am willing to take are as follows: 1 . Plan and organism yourself: Planning few weeks before the exam and organizing myself would help me to succeed in the exams and n the future. 2.

Prioritize: When faced with more than one task, prioritize! Do one thing at a time. Do it well and then go to the next thing. Don’t rush. 3. Develop a positive attitude: Without a positive approach to life, preventing and managing stress is very difficult. Develop a positive approach towards any work you do. And always think in a positive manner to complete your task. 4. Exercise: Exercising is one of the focus and concentration. 5. Improve communication: You can significantly prevent relationship stress at home and at workplace if you listen carefully, smile, admit if o are wrong, give compliments, and express your feelings and thoughts. . Eat and sleep well: A good sleep and nutritious meal will always help me to develop a healthier lifestyle which would keep me away from stress. 7. Take time out for yourself: if you feel you’re stressed take a day off. Do those things which would help to relax your own mind. 8. Meditation: Meditation would help you to achieve peace and have a control over your own mind. I believe this all techniques would help me to deal with my stress. It would help me to develop a positive attitude towards my life. And I can improve myself through effective time management.

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