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What are the examples of these maintenance roles? Maintenance roles actually help the team grow and strengthen. Example for these maintenance roles are encourager, gatekeeper, standard setter, consensus tester, mediator, tension reliever, listener and volunteer. What are they and what do they do? Encourager, they actually are friendly and open. They are easily to communicate with all people and people also feel easy to talk to them. They are sincere and like to praises others also warmly responsive to others. Easily accepting when people offering their contributions.

Next, maintenance roles are gatekeeper and standard setters. Gatekeeper actually makes sure that all people have a change to be heard. No one will remain silent and say nothing. All of them will have chance to speak and give an idea. Next is standards setter. These roles will set up a level for the group to use in its discussion. So, the group will know their limit when doing their work or task. The fourth maintenance role is consensus tester. This role exists when the member are checking for the agreement. For an example is when all of them are done for a discussion, one of the member will said “l think we all are feeling the same ay’.

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This is actually how do they have an agreement for their task. The fifth maintenance role is mediator. Mediator is someone who is trying to end a disagreement between two or more people or group. There will be no misunderstanding between the members when they are trying to give discuss because mediator will help the groups to have a peaceful and effective discussion. Other than that, there is a tension reliever. Tension reliever helps eliminate the negative feelings such as depressed, stress and feel like to suicide because of the task.

When we have this role in the group, the work will be easier to accomplish cause there is someone who can help us to release the negative feeling. Last but not least is listener. Listener is someone who is able to listen emphatically and hear what other have to say. An example is when the members want to give an idea or tell their problems this role will always hear. He or she will remain silent and hear it until the person is finish. Last maintenance role is volunteer. This person always offers what is needed. They are fearless and brave and also smart while talking in spontaneous way.

We also have dysfunctional roles. Unfortunately, you may find either yourself or there team members take on roles that are disruptive to genuine efforts to improve team effectiveness and satisfaction. Some of these roles are aggressive, blocking or nit-picking, competing, clowning or Joking to disrupt the work of the group, being sarcastic, blaming, taking all the credit, and manipulating. The first dysfunctional roles are being aggressive. This happen when one of the group members always force other to do the work till them success without thinking other feeling their real situation.

Being aggressive will cause team conflict between the members. They will never work together effectively because of the aggressiveness. There are two type of aggressive action which is a positive action and negative action. An example for positive action is when being aggressive is force people to be more active in thinking. Someone forces others to do the task quickly and does not care about the quality of the work. It should not happen when we do a group or teamwork and keep force others beyond the limits. The second dysfunctional role is nit-picking.

Nit-picking is the habit of finding small mistakes in a work or paying to much attention to unimportant details. Everybody knows there will be someone who like to nit-picking when doing an assignment or task that is given. We should not cooperate with this person because he or she will slow down our Job. Then the person will not focus 65% to 75% to the work because they keep focus on the unimportant things such as playing a computer games, surfing on the internet, and watching the television for a long time. Competing is also a dysfunctional role.

Why people always compete when they work as a group? This is because they wanted to be the best among the members. When they keep competing, the will not get along to each other. They will be an enemy because they wanted to be the best when doing an assignment. They all doing their works without discuss with the team. Other than nit-picking, competing and aggressive, clowning or Joking while working in group is also dysfunctional role. Many people like to Jokes. But not all people can do jokes or tell Jokes in a perfect situation. Reflect situation mean tell Jokes in a perfect time. Thinks other members before tell the Jokes. But when it comes to work, people cannot clowning and Joking. It will disrupt the work. Team members also will be mad and will hate to work with you. Sometime, Joking can overcome the stress but Jokes also make people more stress. It is because there was too much Joke while working together. Next, is being sarcastic. People use sarcasm in order to criticize other or to make them look silly. The one who always be sarcastic is a leader of the groups.

This kind of situation happens because he or she thinks that they have a power to control the teams without a limit. They always think that they are good enough and always make others look silly. The other dysfunctional roles are blaming and manipulating. This thing happens when the works are not done. One of them will blame the other because not doing the work or task properly. They should not blame each other and should work together as a group and help each other to have a great work. Then, someone who is likes to manipulate other members.

These people will use his friends to do his work or task. His friend does not know that he were being used. We should be careful when one of our friends are like to manipulating others. Lastly, the most popular dysfunctional role is taking all the credits. Taking all credits meaner one of the group members assume that he or she the only one were doing the task or the work. He or she said that the idea for the task was his or her ideas. Maybe the team will not know the truth, but if this happen again, all people will not work together tit the person who have this roles.

This dysfunctional role should be banned because all the members were doing their Jobs. So, the credits should goes to all the members. When group members take on dysfunctional roles, this can lead to very ineffective team behaviors. Examples of these behaviors include team members being late to agreed team meetings, or team members not doing the work they were supposed to do. You might have two hour meetings where nothing was accomplished or one behaviors inevitably cause team conflict, which needs to be addressed quickly to get the group back on track to working effectively.

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