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This paper will show the challenge and growth that this team went through. Each of the students learned valuable lessons and excelled in their studies. Analysis During the forming stage, the team showed hard work ethic. Rules were put into place that all members agreed to keep. The rules mainly consisted of communicating any issues, and have the assignment done to be put together two days before the due date. Assignments were done with ease. The quality of work was excellent, and finished on time. As assignments started to get harder the team moved into the storming stage.

A higher expectation was given with the assignments, as the assignment began to be more demanding. The team members had to plan in order to be on the same page with the assignments. Each member had great enthusiasm and ideas of what would be a great plan for the assignments. While different ideas came, the group had to agree on one plan. This put some of the team members on edge, because of the differences in ideas. The team struggled on a few assignments, but still got good grades. As this happened, the students went into the morning stage of development.

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All members of the group started to trust the other member’s ideas and became open to doing work in different ways. The team had to work together rather than individually at this point in order to be on the same page. The work became easy and enjoyable for the team. After a few difficult classes had passed, the team moved into the performing stage. Assignments became fun and quality work was shown by this team. Difficult assignments were accomplished as all members where on the same page and able to work on a high, individual level.

All members accepted other member’s thoughts and ideas, and made the most out of the assignment. Quality work was shown. After working together for so long the final stage came. The team adjourned as the individuals went to different classes. The work that was done was talked about, along with the good and bad times. While the team had some difficult assignments, leaders were made. Laissez- fairer leadership Was used as the team members Were free to do whatever they felt best to fit the assignment. At times, a leader would step up and help other members that struggled with certain subjects.

Democratic leadership was used as the team chose the project that was to be done for the assignment. All members would come with ideas, but the team agreed upon taking turns on who had the final say on what the project would be. All members of the team respected the decision of the leader, because they knew that they would get to have a chance to be the leader in another assignment. This compromise helped the team, and allowed all members to be happy. If members of the group struggled with assignments, all members agreed to spend more time helping the member learn the subject.

This was a great team building experience, as leaders took over, as they showed great understanding in the subject. All members would show respect, listen to each other, and learn many new subjects as they were together. Conclusion This team had great success together at the Leistering of Phoenix. The main goal the team had was to get good grades. This goal developed as the team moved further into their education. The goal and standard became higher. It pushed members to get good grades, and have better projects than any other team.

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