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Performance Development process The goals of the Intern/Co-pop Performance Development Process are to provide performance feedback in a timely manner to the intern/co-pop on what he/she has done well and on areas for meaningful improvement; and to SE the feedback to make decisions regarding his/her future employment with the Company. This form is to be completed by the intern/co-pop and their supervisor, at the middle and end of the intern/co-pop’s work term. The supervisor should talk with the intern/co-pop about the performance evaluation process and competencies.

The intern/co-pop’s mentor/advisor feedback should be incorporated. If there are performance issues during the work term, please discuss them with the intern/co-pop and his/her recruiter in Talent Acquisition. Intern/Co-pop Assessment Intern/Co-pop Performance Commitments and Results: The intern/co-pop omelets this section. Intern/co-pop should document performance commitments, projects and goals worked on during the term and results of those performance commitments and projects. The supervisor then reviews with the advisor/mentor, adds comments and reviews with the intern/co-pop.

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Intern/Co-pop Projects and Performance Commitments Performance Results GSM Pamphlet project Had difficulty printing out a simple pamphlet; didn’t Gas Con PA Material Preparation Did not follow directions as to the type of material requested and the format it was to be delivered to the consultant. Required a lot of re-work because he id not ask for clarification, he missed the submittal deadline, and created a lot of extra work for our hired consultant and Kevin and Myself, I. E. E paid top consulting $ to re-work what Anthony should have easily done in the first place. As an example, our previous intern was given this same task for another PA and she was able to gather and package the information and deliver within a couple hours vs.. The weeks it took Anthony to “complete” the task. So we knew it was a realistic task to ask an intern to complete. Monthly & Quarterly Report Preparation Intern/Co-pop – Please briefly describe future assignments and location(s) references.

Location Preference: Please rank order your location preference in terms of first, second, and third. Pending Company availability, am interested in future opportunities as: Assignment Preference: When (Please list month/year): Business Unit: Performance Ratings for Competencies The supervisor and intern/co-pop completes this section. The intern/co-pop is responsible to highlight his/her activities that relate to the specific competency. Supervisors, with input from mentors/advisors, should provide comments under each competency to support the rating.

Please evaluate the student’s performance using one of the following functions: Far Exceeds Expectations: Consistently performed far beyond expectations and demonstrated exceptional skills, knowledge and initiative on the job. Accomplishments made a significant impact on the organization’s success in the period being assessed. Exceeds Expectations: Performance consistently exceeds position requirements and management expectations. Employee can be counted on to consistently achieve high quality results on even the more difficult and complex parts of the job.

Work assignments or projects are done thoroughly and completely. Works with minimal supervision. Meets Expectations: Performance is complete and competent. Expected results were delivered and at times potentially exceeded during the work term. This rating indicates no serious deficiency in any major element of the job. Requires limited supervision, but some coaching may be necessary. Generally Meets Expectations: Performance generally met expectations, but sometimes fell below an acceptable level. Greater supervision and mentoring may be needed than with higher levels of performance.

Some improvement is needed to fully meet job requirements. Fails to Meet Expectations: Performance in most areas of responsibility is inadequate or serious reference deficiencies exist. Further employment is contingent upon immediate and sustained improvement. Supervisor needs to discuss and document performance issues with student and Human Resources-Talent Acquisition recruiter. Effectiveness with Others: Establishing rapport and a positive working relationship with individuals within or outside the work group.

Student Comments: Supervisory Comments: Upon initial orientation with Anthony, clearly defined his roles, responsibilities and expectations with him both verbally and in a signed internship agreement in writing. One of those commitments he dad was to notify me regarding any absences, obstacles to completing tasks, his whereabouts for accountability, etc. On one occasion, he was not in his office and nobody in our group knew where he was or what he was working on. He was gone for a couple hours.

When he returned I asked him what happened, did he not understand the expectation – he said he did, and I asked how he would handle it differently in the future. Communications Skills: Clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them to understand and retain the message. Student Comments: Supervisor Comments: tried to get Anthony to write out some specific learning, professional, educational, personal goals that he would like to achieve during his internship. Pent at least an hour with him explaining what a SMART goal is. He even spent 2 days with our group during our annual goal setting process facilitated by L DC coordinator where we crafted SMART goals for our department. It took Anthony several revisions and lots of coaching/feedback from me to get the SMART goals down. After 3 tries he still wasn’t grasping the concept and I could no longer afford the time to further coach him on that. I also asked if his college/advisor had any specific learning goals that he needed to achieve as a result of the internship.

He said “no” and encouraged him to get some goals from his school, he said he did but never produced anything concrete to review. Also asked him to produce a weekly summary of his activities and to send me an update weekly. Gave him a template of the format I wanted the information presented in. Well, he completed that and also repeated the same information in 2 additional formats. I don’t know why or what compelled him to produce 3 reports, 3 different formats with all the same information. I told him the one form was enough.

Lacks specificity and uses general terms such as “him, her, that guy, over there, that place, etc… Need more specific references as to who/what/where he is talking about. Is it a language barrier? Anthony was formally coached by C. Bedrock on 1/31/11 on examples of his poor email etiquette to date and given examples of “what good looks like” for email communications. Anthony seems to lack fundamental communication skills that someone at his level of education should possess.

Critical Thinking: Identifying and understanding issues, problems, and opportunities; using data analysis to draw conclusions; using judgment in choosing a course of action; taking action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences. Student Comments: Supervisor Comments: For his Advanced Safety Orientation training he failed to meet the goal of attending the class offered on 1/8/11 because he showed up late. He did not ask for clarification as to when the class started & he assumed it started at 8 am.

So he took a wrong course of action that is inconsistent with available facts: the refinery hours are am – pm. He also id not notify me that he missed the class and lingered at the OLD for an extra hour (even after my colleague told him to return to the refinery). Instructed him to take notes and pay close attention during ASS class because he would be quizzed by our group when he returned to ensure he understood the material that was taught in the class.

Upon quizzing Anthony on several simple, fundamental, refinery safety rules, he struggled to provide satisfactory answers and articulate to us verbally. Pamphlet project – although told him that the operator control rooms have their own printers o print documents on, he was going to instruct all operating complexes to print a pamphlet document on the HESS trailer printer. Technical/Professional Knowledge: Achieving a satisfactory level of technical and professional skill or knowledge in position-related areas; keeping abreast of current developments and trends in area of expertise.

Student Comments: Us proviso Comments: As a college graduate I expect a minimum level of fundamental computer skills – Anthony struggles with simple tasks such as printing a document, setting up a printer. Having completed an internship in Finally II, I would expect he would have a better grasp of the tools/technology used to conduct exposure monitoring; unfortunately, he needs a lot of detailed instructions, coaching and feedback for him to understand all the steps required using the equipment to complete a task.

He needs very specific, detailed, step-by-step instructions. To be successful in this role, one must be a self-sufficient, assertive, self-starter with little hands-on coaching to perform routine tasks that you’ve previously completed. Managing Priorities: Effectively managing time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently. Student Comments: Supervisor Comments: Supervisor Performance Assessment Supervisors: Please complete the following sections and elicit feedback from the intern/co-pop’s mentor/advisor.

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