Developing a Performance Appraisal System Assignment

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Performance Appraisal Many believe that the purpose for performance appraisals Is to micro manage employees. However, I feel that this Impression has stemmed over time by employees who work under micro micromanages, in response to intrusive and patronizing procedures of the organizations administration.

Job performance appraisals have known to be responsible for anxiety and negative gossip within an office environment, due to the generally familiar association of what a negative appraisal can ultimately result in demotion, suspension, or even worse, termination. On the other side of the coin, a costive performance can be met with employee acknowledgment I. E. , promotion, bonuses, or other rewards as seen fit by the company’s guidelines. Understanding the value of the employees abilities is crucial to the success of any structured organization.

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There are a variety of reasons for developing employee evaluations and assessments, but productivity, motivation, and efficiency are all domineering factors for encouraging optimum employee performance Elements of an Appraisal System Developing a well-organized performance appraisal system can be challenging yet, very rewarding and beneficial to an organizations staff, If It is created n a way that helps to encourage employees to meet specific short and long-term goals efficiently.

The general purpose for developing an appraisal system is to ensure that employees are meeting particular standards, priorities, and goals set within each area and determine how effectively and efficiently these employees are meeting, exceeding, or failing to meet those set expectations. (Sealed PhD Sows PhD, 2011). To simply put it, performance appraisals are designed to observe, assess, and record an employees overall Job performance and then use that Information to roved feedback to the employee, as well as management. Gabon, Bean Humans, 2011). This assessment allows management a platform, not only to discuss an employees shortcomings, but more importantly, it can help to motivate and positively reinforce a workers efforts and accomplishments. A well-though out appraisal system should involve the following key elements planning, creating, observation, grading, and rewarding. Proper planning and delivery of the appraisal system can Induce gratitude and appreciation, rather than fear of the process encouraging high performance and productivity of the employees.

The appraisal system can assist the organization with removing those employees who show a continuous lack of effort, low productivity, and an unwillingness to grow or learn from their reviews. For those who not only strive to meet, but exceed company expectations the reward system can assure a more joyful, productive work environment. Employees can be should be rewarded and praised for anything simple to complex I. E. , attendance, attitude, and meeting more specific goals and objectives.

However, It Is Important to not allow simplicity overshadow what is relevant quality should always be a more valuable set than attendance Performance appraisal systems should focus on the following attributes and be able to define the purpose, related tasks, and responsibilities for each Job description. The performance goals, calculated outcomes, and priorities of each task should be clear and concise to the employees, as well as the managers or defined and will be the key components of the objective.

Employees and managers should communicate in the interim and feedback should be given to help the employees reach their goals while keeping the morale high. Managers and supervisors should keep accurate records of the assessments, signed by both the employee as well as the appraiser, and maintained in the employees file for future reference. For those employees who may struggle to meet set expectation and standards, management should pursue training and development to assist with the employees performance, giving them the opportunity to improve before officially terminating.

Preparing and Administering the Appraisal Employee appraisals should be scheduled accordingly and systematically to help prepare all involved. Appraisals should be done in a private, comfortable setting that can help to relieve any predisposed anxiety. All documentation, self-assessments, and feedback should be gathered and reviewed to ensure a fair and accurate valuation. Both the employee and manager should examine the employees actual performance in comparison to the standards set by the organization and discuss any or all potential development.

Because there is always room for improvement, I highly discourage giving any employee all Exceptional marks if an employee is continuously exceeding expectations then management should consider assigning new challenges and assignments which can help the employee advance further. Following the Performance Appraisal Upon completion of the evaluations, employees should walk away considerably more knowledgeable about their productivity, performance, and abilities, along with the confidence that management will help them to meet their goals if they fall short with further training and development opportunities.

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