Team b reflection week Assignment

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For week four I enjoyed a couple different aspects that were some what challenging. The Learning team assignment was about wireless technology and that particular area I am very familiar with. The two topics were smartness and wireless routers. I have been using that technology for the past 10 years in a professional capacity and intimately know the benefits and risks associated with them. However something that I enjoyed and learned was about the six stages of the systems development life yes.

It was very interesting to learn how technology is brought to life from conception to practical use. It is important to know these stages that technology goes through so that we can appreciate what we have and can use it to correlate to any system not Just a technological advance but an invention of any kind and the stages that you need to take to successfully get your idea launched into practical use or the marketplace. I am very familiar with Powering and have exclusively used it for any of my presentations.

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However I was not aware of all the presentation tool available in the marketplace. If I ever made it to an executive level I would probably consider trying one of them but for my particular position Powering is going to be my go to presentation tool. To conclude week 4 was fun and educational. I do not see immediate use for what I learned in week 4 but possible down the road in my career. My personal life will not implement any portion of anything I learned in week 4 because I cannot see a place for it.

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