Week Three Learning Team Reflection Assignment

Week Three Learning Team Reflection Assignment Words: 872

Letting Bill know the required task specifically… To create an updated procedure manual requested by Anne. This will let him know how and why he was selected; specifically due to his expertise. Risky needs to convey that this is the ultimate task, and he is entrusting Bill to have this accomplished within a specific timeline, by the end of the month. Clearly the expertise needed for this project exists in the contracts department. We know Anne wants a new procedure manual that will give them step by step instructions. Risky is allowed to have Bill do the project as Eng as guidelines are in place, and he understands the timeline.

Oversight on this project will be equally important. Specify the Employee’s Range of Discretion Anne did give Risky permission to allow Bill to work on the manual as long as he knows and understands the parameters and expectations. Bill has three years of experience in contracts. Bill needs know and understand that ultimately the final revisions would still have to be approved by both Risky and Anne. This will ensure the project is completed according to the needs. Bill will know the time at the end of the month to have this accomplished. Also, be known that Risky and Anne have the final approval of the assignment.

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Learning Team thinks it is fair to assume there is an existing manual, which will provide some guidelines and a model for him to follow. This is from a format perspective and from a list of the material that needs to be covered. The old manual has been identified and deemed out of date. A proposal has been proposed to allow Bill to have some freedom in creating a newly updated manual. With this type of freedom regular guidance sessions with Risky can provide help in the organization, and provide inputs on the material and how it’s presented.

Allow the Employee to Participate Once the explanation of why Bill was selected, what needs to be accomplished, and when it needs to be completed by has been communicated, Bill should be given the opportunity to respond; any concerns or questions. The first thing anyone would want to know is if he is able and willing to accomplish the task. Next, further involve Bill by asking him what ideas he has. For example, how is he going to get the task accomplished, and what will he need from Risky in order to accomplish the task? Once these are addressed, Risky should let him know that he will confirm with Anne; al set to go.

Risky will need to monitor Bill closely, and Anne will need to monitor Risky closely about Bill’s work. Having regular meetings with Bill will allow Risky to monitor his progress, but allow Bill to run with all the details and the method of allow Bill to take ownership as well as have Risky provide his guidance and input, and report to Anne. Inform Others That Delegation Has Occurred The only communication of delegation that is known is between Anne and Risky. Anne is already aware of the delegation, so a quick follow-up conversation with her regarding the discussion with Bill should suffice.

Risky will meet with Anne to let her know of the decision he and Bill made concerning the assignment, let her know Bill has committed to the project, and Risky will be checking in periodically. Risky should pull together a team meeting where he can communicate to the rest of his team about the project. Risky should announce that he has asked Bill to take on the bulk of the project. Since the result will impact everyone on this team, it is critical to the success to get everyone’s input. A brainstorming session would be a good opportunity to get everyone’s input to any additional items to make sure they are featured in the new manual.

It would also be an opportunity to see if it is needed to move any of Bill’s other responsibilities to others on the team temporarily to free up some of Bill’s time to focus on the project. Establish Feedback Channels After meeting with Anne to confirm, “Good to go with the delegation of the task. ” Risky should establish a timeline with Bill. The timeline will include specific points so he can keep people updated on his progress. Also, recommend setting up a weekly meeting to measure progress and provide additional input.

This will give Bill enough mime to make significant progress between each meeting – not to leave too much opportunity for the project to go sideways. If there are any problems, Risky will establish clear lines of communication between all to minimize any road blocks or difficulties that may arise. The drive is for top quality, and also to meet the deadline. A final timeline of a few days before the actual deadline should be set. This way if there are any adjustments needed there will be time to do so. After the timeline is established, Bill will receive final approval to get started, and thank him for his assistance.

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