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This template is intended to support you in using several kinds of thinking Informational – consider what you already know about the subject, bring new information to the question, and decide on its authority Anticompetitive/executive – monitor how what you are doing aligns with what you want to be doing Logical active – Identify faults, flaws, risks and dangers Logical positive – Identify strengths, good points, opportunities Creative – develop/design/imagine new or different approaches or perspectives Affective – identify one’s own emotional process and stance towards the topic This structure is based on the “Six Thinking Hats” of Edward De Bono.

There is evidence that this approach can support you in thinking in a way that is more rich, balanced and comprehensive. In this assignment you will be using [six] of the six hats. Each “hat” represents a certain perspective you re to take. For the student: Instructions… 1. Choose two or more theories, articles/blobs/pieces of literature or art/studies/ approaches/developments(the “pieces”) that you wish to examine or compare dealt with in this course. 2. Look at the marking guide below Hat Function What to do Marks 120 White Informational Summarize the information presented or referenced in the pieces. Identify important information that is not provided in the piece. 6 Yellow Logical Positive Identify good points, strengths, advantages or benefits in the piece. The focus is “positive. 13 Black Logical Negative Identify weaknesses, disadvantages or risks. The focus is “negative. ” 13 Red Affective Say how you personally feel about the piece. Do NOT explain or Justify your answer. (Note, “it sucks” is not saying how you feel, whereas “l hate it” is. ) 12 Green Creative For each weakness identified in the black hat, give an idea how to remedy, eliminate, or reduce the effect of the risk or weakness. 13 Blue Anticompetitive / executive Identify what will you do with this information and next steps 13 3. Write your report.

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Address one hat at a time in the order above. 4. Submit your port…. For the instructor/course developer, a few notes Six thinking hat By Doornail-Blossom Hats EVERYBODY wears the same hat the same time. For example, everyone find good points (about an idea) and then everyone (including its owner) criticizes it. Various sequences and combinations of hats are possible. A hat can be repeated. For example, the blue (anticompetitive/executive) hat can be repeated after the initial information inventory (white hat) is completed, I. E. Goals may change. The blue hat is very useful in group conversations where goals may be unclear or conflicting.

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