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Project Management in Team Dynamics Project Management has been a major aspect in Team Dynamics, throughout the years in project planning. Project Management has prepared a way to plan, arrange and supervise resources, so that team projects will be more consistent in production and quality. Project Management has many features that make a team more reliable and dependable. For example, defining the goal and objectives; participates in a team; checkpoints to identify the project progress; standard and guidelines; and a communication plan. If the dynamics of project management are mplemented accurately, it will be beneficial in saving money, time, be more reliable and you will have job satisfaction. Project Management is an excellent tool to utilize in any business. It will bring success to any project or task. Defining objectives and goals help teams to identify what they are striving for. Every team member must be familiar with the objectives and goals or the cause for being call a team. Without an objective or a goal, project management does not have a position. Objectives and goals are the main reason for Team Dynamics, to have something to achieve.

Many team members may have different assignments, but they will all have similar goals in a team project. ” Goal are the glue that hold a team together” (Temme & Katzel, 1995, p. 1). Team members is the structure of Team Dynamics. Each member must have a role and responsibilities to make everyone feel like a part of the team. A team leader/ team manager is required to assist and support the team, to make certain that all the team demands are met. ” A team is not a team unless the members have a common purpose” (Temme & Katzel, 1995, p. 1). A goal is needed to have intention for the team.

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An excellent way to set team goals is to composition a charter, so that each member will have a contribution on each individuals goals. A Charter will help set team guidelines and ground rules, so members will know what is expected. A checkpoint is present to see where everyone stands and the progress of the project. The Project Management Methodology (1997) stated, The checkpoints will also act as an opportunity for you to compare your plan against what you have completed and verify that your are still on track with the original project plan. At this point, you might need to dd or subtract items in affect resetting the expectations you have previously set. It is very important to measure your not just blow through each of the checkpoint. (para. 1) Checkpoint keeps everyone focus on the goal and objectives that were set. Another key factor in Project Management is standards. What are the standards or qualifications that is needed to have a successful project or task? Standards add guidance or guidelines to know what is required of the finish project. If there are no standards to pursue, the project will not have a purpose or goal. Standards are like a goal to accomplish.

Every project has standards or guidelines to follow to assure that the major goal is achieve. There are several techniques to measure standards in a project, for instant, there is a measurement in time, quantity, size, shape and color etc. There is no specific measurement; it is according to the final project goal. A successful team is required to have a communication plan so that each member in the team will be inform of the project status, changes, and issues. The Method 123 (2003) stated, “To ensure that communication within your project is clear, concise, relevant and timely- you will need to create a “Communication Plan”(para 1).

In a team meeting, the team will address their ideas and issues. Team meetings will help you and your team members collaborate on each other’s ideas and views. Team meeting and good communication will also keep your team on the right track. Project Management has many benefits that make a project successful and profitable. The PSA Project (2005) stated, . Project Management was developed to save time on a project by planning it out and considering all relevant factors which may affect its outcome. The benefits are proven – it saves time and money, and generates a more successful (para. ). Project Management also adds consistency and value to Team Dynamics. With project management, organizations has gain enormous success in profits. It is the solution to a successful project or task. In conclusion, managing projects takes planning and organizing. Project Management has a lot of key elements to make planning a project easier, faster and consistent. A good preparation to a task will bring countless of benefit and profit to a project, which is the most important target in any project. References Project Management Methodology (1997). Methodology in a Box.

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