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My chosen product category is personal care product and the specific brand chosen within that category is Rexona deodorant which eliminates bad body odors. Rexona is a deodorant brand manufactured by Anglo Dutch Company, Unilever. It was developed in 1908 by an Australian pharmacist and his wife. Currently, Rexona has at least 8 lines of deodorant. Each line features a specific quality sought in deodorants. With Rexona’s unique body-responsive technology, which releases extra protection as needed, it’s known that this deodorant ‘won’t let you down’.

Rexona is now one of the most preferred deodorants in the local market due to its effective and efficient marketing mix strategies. One of the major marketing mix strategies is the aggressive promotional mix activities performed by Rexona. Each promotional mix had been undertaken by Rexona in assuring its success in the industry. Rexona did their promotion steps through Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Personal Selling and Direct Marketing.

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However, in completing this assignment, two out of the five promotional mix or tools will be explained in detailed which are the Advertising and Public Relations promotion mix activity. Advertising is any paid form of media communication which includes print ads in magazines, trade journals and newspapers, radio and TV announcements, Web-based visibility-building, and billboards. Through advertising, Rexona publish few TV advertisement, commercials and announcement. Public Relations activities promote a positive image, generate publicity and foster goodwill with the intent of increasing sales.

Generating favorable media coverage, hosting special events and sponsoring charitable campaigns are examples of public relations activities undertaken by Rexona. QUESTIONS 1. Describe the content of the ads in terms of message, visual or picture, and sound (if any) (10 marks). The message which the advertisement tries to deliver to it’s audience is that when one has bad body odors, it automatically spoils the environment as shown in the advertisement when all the three girls were having so much fun and suddenly one of them stinks, it stops all the fun and there’s nothing to be proud of being a fun spoiler.

Another message from the advertisement is that it boosts the self confidence of a person. Before using Rexona, the girl with the body odors problem need to be persuaded to join the other two to dance but after eliminating the problem with Rexona Teens spray deodorant, she does not to be convinced anymore to join in the fun. This advertisement also sends a message of being happy and healthy teenagers who know how to take care of their body odors are the perfect kind of teenagers also the perfect attitude teenagers should posses.

The picture in the advertisement are all very exciting with colorful paintings, settings and decorations which automatically sets the environment of actives teenagers who never dies out of idea to make their live as interesting as possible. Since this particular range of Rexona Teens were aimed on teenage girls, the visual are set to be as kinky as it can possibly be. In a way, the three beautiful girls used in the advertisement shows other viewers that no matter how beautiful or feminine one are, it’s alright to admit that one has body odors problem and find a solution towards the problem.

Overall, the advertisement presents very attractive pictures and visuals which easily attract teenagers to stay quietly on the respective channel for the next thirty one seconds. The sound used in the advertisement are a very heart pumping, up to beat kind of music sang by the chicky girls, The Spice Girls title “If You Wanna Be My Lover”. This particular song totally pumps up the whole advertisement to be as enjoyable as it can possibly be. When the girls were having so much fun, the song shows the type of fun they were experiencing.

However, when they smell something stinky, the song which was on the peak of its chorus suddenly stops like a dead end which gives viewers the feeling of dissatisfied with bad odors. When the commentator was talking about the product, the excitement in the song was once again played on thus it brings out the felling of relief for the viewers. 2. Describe the details of media used by the ad campaign (4 marks). The ad campaign used by Rexona is a TV commercial advertisement which was first shown on our local television on April 2007.

This particular advertisement had also been shown several times on our local television that is TV3. Most of the time, this advertisement was played repeatedly in between the popular Indonesian drama titled ‘Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih’ which is schedule to every Monday to Thursday from 2. 30pm to 3. 30pm. The advertisement also was seen on TV3 during the ‘That’s So Raven’ show on every Friday at 5. 30pm showing on April 2007 and in between the ‘Lizzie Mc Quire’ show on every Saturday at 9. 00pm starting May 2007. 3. Describe in detail the target audience of the ad campaign (2 marks).

The ad campaign is designed to aim and target the active teenagers who always find ways and means to boost their self confidence and self esteem in pursuing their daily life activities. It is also targeted to teenagers with body odors problem to help them solves their misery. The aim is also on young and chicky teenage girls who loves to pampered and feel good of themselves. 4. Discuss why you believe the ad would appeal to the target audience (7 marks). The first reason is on the approach of the advertisement towards its target audience which is the teenagers.

The approached used by the advertising members are based on humors which totally clicked with the mind and thinking of teenagers. The advertisement was quiet hilarious that it will keep on playing in their mind thus creates awareness towards the products automatically. On the other hand, the young teenage girls used for the aid resembled beautiful, cheerful, happy, active and smart teenagers which also drives the teenage viewers to copy their doings and don’ts which indirectly gives the idea of to be as hip as they are one should be using Rexona Teens deodorant and not others.

The excitement, enjoyment and the vibrant energy that is shown in the advertisement would be good enough to appeal to the teenagers. Drama slot such as ‘Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih’, the ‘Lizzie Mc Quire’ show and ‘That’s So Raven’ are mainly watched by teenagers. During these shows, most of the teenagers are in their most feminine mood and especially after watching all the girlish stuff, personal care product would be the first thing they could think of. Repeating the Rexona Teens advertisement during these types of teenagers genre sitcom is among the beat was to inform the target audience the existence of the product.

The multimedia technology used in the advertisement is also appealing to the teenagers as it brings the advertisement to a new era and creates the felling of refreshment and up to date kind of satisfaction. With the video conferencing technology shown in the advertisement, it gives teenagers ideas of another activity that can be done to exhilarate the fun. Thus, whenever these teenagers plans to established their video on the net which most teenagers nowadays do, it gives them the idea of Rexona Teens advertisement. 5.

Describe the promotion activity used (4 marks). You may attach any picture or details in the appendix. The promotion activity used by Rexona is public relations. With effective public relations, Rexona can increase sales through favorable, nonpaid media coverage and enhance their company’s image. Rexona generate publicity through special events, sponsorships, and community activities. On July 2005, Rexona once again held the Rexona “No Sweat” Challenge and on that particular year the challenge was a team dance competition.

The dance challenge will be translated into a 9 episode reality TV show. The Rexona “No Sweat Dance Challenge” program will be broadcasted at TV3 from 9th August 2007 onwards, on every Tuesday at 7pm. The dance team will get a chance to show off their dance talent on national TV watched by millions. Public relations build goodwill toward the business by raising Rexona Company’s profile in the public eye. Publicity is considered as free advertising. 6. Discuss the coordination between the advertisement and the promotion activity stated in Question 5 (8 marks).

Both the advertising in the form of TV commercials and public relations through Rexona Ultimate Dance Challenge bring out the same message to the audience and the target market. Through effective public relation activities, Rexona manages to build a good name and reputation in the eyes of the society thus, with this strong idea of Rexona instilled in the mind of the society and the enhancement of advertising such as TV commercials, it creates a strong preference of Rexona products to the consumers.

It can also be done the other way round which means through the effective advertising effort perform by Rexona and being boost up with the public relations activity tells the consumers the credibility of Rexona Company thus eliminates the skepticism of the society towards Rexona products. The advertisement on TV commercials and The Rexona Ultimate Dance Challenge is both targeted on the younger generation and to be more specifically on the teenagers who love to express their feelings through stuff like dancing and etc.

The TV commercial intends to create the awareness and to inform the buyers the existence of the product and sometimes it is also through advertising that the buyer are influences to purchase Rexona product. However, nowadays, consumer are getting smarter and are not easily influenced by advertising strategies and techniques which are paid by the company themselves to promote their product thus, obviously the advertisement will promote the product without a single negative point.

Hence, usually this is when other promotional mix activity plays their role indirectly in convincing consumers the reliability of Rexona’s product information as shown in advertisement through public relations. Strong public relations let it be in form of organizing events, sponsorship or community activity, the main objectives is to create the relationship with the society and in a way indirectly asking the society to accept Rexona product.

Through organizing big events such as The Rexona Ultimate Dance Competition, Rexona shows the society the level and credibility of the company in organizing such an esteem event. Hence, it established a felling of confidence and loyalty by the consumers towards Rexona Company. Bibliography ?Rexona Ultimate Dance Challenge. Retrieved on 10th September 2008, from http://www. unilever. com. my/ourcompany/newsandmedia/pressreleases/rexona_Ultimatedancechallenge. asp ? Rexona Unilever. Retrieved on 10th September 2008, from http://www. nilever. com/ourbrands/personalcare/Rexona. asp ? How to Established A Promotional Mix. Retrieved on 10th September 2008, from http://www. esmalloffice. com/SBR_template. cfm? DocNumber=PL12_3600. htm ? Rexona. Retrieved on 10th September 2008, from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Rexona ? Rexona Teens Bedroom. Retrieved on 10th September 2008, from http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=Sq_cUGG8bWE ? Malaysia Rexona Commercial. Retrieved on 10th September 2008, from http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=EJaoHJYU4mI

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