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How do you think your graduate educational experience will differ from your undergraduate experience? How would you describe a graduate learning community? What are the key components of a learning community and how might a graduate learning community differ from an undergraduate learning community? Based on my experience as an undergraduate in Southern California, took my school and academic work not as serious as I should, even though I did tot fail or had bad grades my own inexperience and immature let me to make some not so smart decisions.

I believe it was a result of “going through motions” more than making a difference for my future. Undergraduate school was also a time to learn and develop my own path in life. Think that graduate school will allow me to secure that path in life, help me fulfill my own academic goals that were put on hold several years ago. There are major differences between undergraduate and graduate school, personally, I think graduate school would be more interesting as it will roved a different school of thought that will broaden my own professional career.

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While undergraduate helped me develop a solid foundation to start my career, think that graduate school will give additional tools, further my critical thinking and help me achieve my potential as a creative leader. My learning community as a graduate student is a combination of my efforts to succeed, my fellow students and the faculty throughout the program. My success in this program will depend directly on the effort and drive put into it. Even though there are several pieces to the puzzle, I am ultimate expansible for my path and I stand to gain the most based on how much effort I put in all my classes.

One of the biggest differences between a graduate and an undergraduate learning community is that have developed a bigger sense of responsibility and accountability to achieve my goals; unlike my undergraduate time, I understand how important it is to seek help, follow through projects and assignments and managed my time to be more efficient without wasting precious time. Divergence, A. (Deed. ) (2014).

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