Key Components to Become a Scholar Assignment

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This ensures your transition from student to scholar. In order to become a Scholar you must be committed to sake an active part in this learning environment. There are requirements that we must answer and respond to the discussion questions. Being a scholar would mean that we would respond by engaging in relevant conversation, apply our comments and comment on the students post offering suggestions if needed and commending them on a job well done.

Additionally we could leave the discussion by asking the student a question that they could ponder or respond to. This online graduate community is one where although it seems as though you are working independently you get to have discussions tit your classmates who are also more in tuned to why they are taking these graduate classes unlike our undergraduate counterparts. The online community also has advisors who will keep tabs on your progress to make sure you stay on task unlike the undergraduate community.

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I believe that when we were undergraduates we crammed for exams, sometimes at the risk of only doing the minimum requirements and our goals weren’t always realistic. My graduate educational experience will be different from my undergraduate experience due to the fact that I have been out of school for quite some time. Although some time has passed think am more titivated to do my graduate work than my undergraduate work since I now know what I am passionate about.

This passion will lead me to do a better job than did when I was working on my undergraduate degree. The key components for this online learning community for me is dedication, time management, being realistic when approaching your assignments, setting goals that are attainable and contributing to the online community with comments that have substance. In addition I will need to look for areas where can make a difference always striving to do better. When I complete these items I will indeed be considered a scholar.

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