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Referencing allows one to acknowledge the contribution of other writers and researchers within the name field of study or work. Referencing can be from various sources e. G. Books, published articles, journals, news paper articles and internet websites to name a few (Said, n. D. ). Any essay or assignment written by a university student or academic that draws ideas from other sources must contain citation. Citation is the form of in text referencing within the body of the assignment.

The idea of referencing is to keep a student from plagiarism. Plagiarism is referred to as the passing of another’s idea as your own without giving due credit (Denmark Study Pack, 2010). Referencing is important for successful research and also for ones reader(s) so that they can see how and where the student conducted his research. Referencing is also a way to give credit to writers from whom one would have borrowed ideas. This is a form of respecting and acknowledging the intellectual rights of the researcher or writer.

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A student or academic has the right to draw from the many ideas, insights and arguments published by other writers and researchers over a number of years. All one simply has to do is acknowledge their contribution to the essay or assignment by form of referencing and/or citing the author. Referencing then helps the reader find the original source if they wish to get more clarity. Writing skills are a major role player within a student’s life mostly because it is the most open channel of communication between the students and the lectures, also giving the student an opportunity to impress his lecturer.

If a student then masters the art of referencing, he would have intern mastered a critical writing skill. One should always reference their work as a measure to support his claims or arguments with authenticity. Http:// www. LLC. Nuns. Du. AU states that, by citing experts within a particular field of duty, one will be showing the lecture or marker that he is familiar and well versed with his field of operation. Multiple referencing also shows the reader or marker that the student would have done wide research and would have understood the topic in question.

This will help the student attain better marks for the essay or assignment. Referencing is important again because it enables the student to plan his work and also to manage his time more efficiently. These attributes once gained, may also be implemented even in a setting that is not academic. A student also learns the art Of keeping records cause they will be keeping and maintaining records of references and reference lists. There are quite a number of referencing models that are widely used all over the world for the best and most efficient results.

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