Values of Philosophy to a Commerce Student Assignment

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Assignment By use of relevant examples, evaluate the value of Philosophy to a student of Commerce. Answer Philosophy is the systematic study of ideas and issues, a reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths, a quest for a comprehensive understanding of the world, a study of principles of conduct, and much more. Study of Philosophy has enhanced: I. My problem-solving capacities in the following ways:- It has helped me be a critical thinker therefore I’m able to analyze concepts, definitions, arguments and problems critically during my studies. • It has helped me distinguish fine differences between views and to discover common ground between opposing positions in an argument. • It has helped me to fuse a variety of views or perspectives into a unified whole. II. My abilities to understand and express ideas, • Philosophy provides some of the basic tools of self-expression.

For example, skills in presenting ideas through well-constructed, systematic arguments. • It has helped me to express what is distinctive in my view, for example I’m able to explain difficult material • It has helped me be able to eliminate ambiguities and vagueness from my writing and speech especially when I’m presenting my financial reports at work or in my assignment in class. III. My persuasive powers Philosophy provides training in the construction of clear formulations, good arguments, and apt examples. It thereby helps one develop the ability to be convincing. One learns to build and defend one’s own views, to appreciate competing positions, and to indicate forcefully why one considers one’s own views preferable to alternatives. IV. My communication with different kinds of people • Study of Philosophy has helped me appreciate people of different background in terms of culture, class and religion from mine. V.

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Study of Philosophy also develops understanding and enjoyment of things whose absence impoverishes many lives: such things as aesthetic experience, lively discussion of current issues, the discerning observation of human behaviour and intellectual zest. The problem-solving, analytical, judgmental, and synthesizing capacities philosophy develops are unrestricted in their scope and unlimited in their usefulness. This makes philosophy especially good preparation for positions of leadership, responsibility, or management.

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