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The ERM “folk rock” was first heard of in the U. S music press to describe The Birds’ music in June 1965. From there, in the United States folk rock arose mainly from three elements: the urban vocal groups of the folk-revival, folk- protest singer-songwriters and the revival of North American rock and roll after the British invasion. Bob Dylan was one of the most influential of all the urban folk-protest songwriters. There are many other urban folk rock bands such as The Mamas & The Papas and Buffalo Springfield, and solo artists like Barry McGuire and Scott McKenzie.

Then you have more recent folk rock bands such as Muffed & Sons. Alternative Rock Alternative rock, also known as TTL rock or just alternative, was at one point called college rock because it was mainly played on college radio stations because it was something new and fresh without steering too far away from the original sound of heavy rock. By the end of the 1 ass’s magazines, radio and just by word of mouth increased, and highlighted the diversity of alternative rock. But yet alternative rock was still more of an underground phenomenon.

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Occasionally one or two ones would become a commercial hit, or an album would receive a critical praise in mainstream publications like the Rolling Stones magazine. Alternative rock was mainly subdued to independent record labels, college radio stations and underground concerts. Alternative rock was never a type of music that was played all the time until the sass’s when it became very popular. Discovering bands such as Cane’s Addiction, Firehouse and Nirvana. Nirvana was one of the more popular bands with their biggest hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which kids still listen to today. Hard Rock

Hard rock is a form Of loud, aggressive rock music. The electric guitar is often exaggerated followed by the bass guitar and drums. These instruments are often joined by the piano and keyboard, the vocals are often growling and raspy or involve screaming and wailing. In the late 1 ass’s the term heavy metal was often used to describe hard rock, but gradually began to be used for even louder music and more intense, while hard rock kept a bluesy rock and roll identity. In the mid sass’s British rock bands began to modify rock and roll adding harder sounds, heavier guitar riffs, and extreme drumming.

From the late sass’s it was normal to divide mainstream rock music into hard and soft rock, soft rock was often derived from folk rock, using acoustic instruments and putting more emphasis on melodies. Hard rock was a more intense and louder sound. Hard rock developed into a major form of popular music in the 197(Yes, with bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple, Aerostatic, AC/DC, and Van Helen, and reached its commercial peak in the mid to late 1 ass’s. Bands like Bon Jove and Deft Leopard and the more intense sound of Gun N’ Roses allowed behind with great success in the later part of that decade.

But they quickly lost commercial fame when grunge and Britton came out. Classic Rock In the United States, the classic rock format features music generally from the late sass’s to the late 1 ass’s, mostly focusing on the hard rock genre that reached its peak of being most popular in the sass’s. Classic rock generally attracts the older generation rather than teenagers, but is continuously gaining new fans of all ages. Classic rock stations don’t play new releases, which keeps them consistent with the style of music they are trying to chive.

The classic rock format started with ROAR radio stations that were trying to gain the interest of an older audience by including familiar songs from the past with current songs. In 1980, ROAR radio station MI 05 in Cleveland, Ohio began calling itself “Cleveland Classic Rock”, which played a mix of rock music from the mid 1 ass’s to the present. By 1 986, the success of classic rock resulted in 60-80% of the music played on album rock stations. Although it began as a format spin off from ROAR, by 2001 classic rock had passed album rock in market.

Most of classic rock songs and singers are still famous today. Today’s generation still knows songs like “Stairway to Heaven” and “Here Comes the Sun” as being great classic rock hits, and are listened to by thousands. Also, certain bands and singers from the classic rock era are still on teenagers top 25 list. The classic rock era produced some of the most known and best songs in the world, songs that will never be forgotten. In conclusion, you can see how the different styles of rock music have evolved over time, having similarities and differences to one another but still keeping their own unique style.

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