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This paper will discuss the project scope outline for sales and marketing purposes which will be used for review by all necessary departments who are directly Involved with the project at hand. Information to be Included In this paper will cover sales deliverable and sales support requests and requirements as well as all marketing materials which will Include product specifications such as photons or sketch board drawings and pricing structures of the new product.

This paper will include only the information that pertains to the sales and marketing department’s therefore excluding any information that is not deemed necessary for this stage of the project. Project Planning: Scope Impact Project Scope: Winsome Manufacturing Is planning to create a new room-sized plastic storage unit which will be designed for external home usage. It Is similar to a competitor’s product but will have significantly more features. This product will open new markets revenues.

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This new product is estimated to hit the market within the first quarter of the next fiscal year which is approximately 9 months from now. Winsome manufacturing has the equipment and ability to produce this new product by way of reverberated molds which will allow the liquid to be injected to create the new storage units. The cost estimates for this project have not been determined but since Winsome already manufactures similar products compared to the new product set to be released in the near future, the company should be able to come up with a cost estimate that will not cause the project to go over budget.

Due to the very short period of time given for this project prior to the product being manufactured is sure to cause constraints within all departments, especially the sales and marketing teams. Only having 9 months to develop a new marketing campaign and bringing the sales department up to speed on the new product and its functions could have a negative effect on the expected delivery time.

Assuming that all members from the sales and marketing teams show up to work each day and that any and all work related issues go smoothly for both departments there should be no problem getting the new product to market on schedule. A risk assessment should be put into place to point out some possible issues that may arise within the sales and marketing departments. Sick days, time off in an emergency, etc… Could all lead to the delay f releasing the new product on schedule (Bowen, 2012).

This project will require the help from multiple internal departments which include our: Design Team Production Team Purchasing & Shipping Departments Marketing & Sales Teams This project will also require the assistance from some of our key external members which include: Stockholders Supply Chain Partners Community Officials For the purposes of this report, only the Sales and Marketing departments and their deliverables will be included.

All other departmental information, tasks and deliverables will be omitted from this report at this time because we first need to low our sales and marketing teams to research the potential consumer markets and determine the projected consumer sales forecasts. Sales Team Deliverables: Winsomeness sales department is responsible for setting prices, generating sales forecasts, monitoring sales activities, helping the sister company incorporate new products, and identifying new sales opportunities.

The sales team will need to include operating data such as sales orders, purchase orders and inventory orders that are related to the current stage of the project. By using some form of chart to layout the month to month or even week to week schedule will enable the sales team o complete their tasks on time or even ahead of schedule. For this project, the sales team has a 9 month period to gather and apply all sales related information. The sales team will need to develop a strategy to bring in new customers as well as retain current customers in order to gain new sales for the new storage unit.

The sales team should assign realistic sales goals for each month leading up to the release of the new product. This could be accomplished by using specific dollar amounts or a are reached for each month the project can continue moving forward. If not, than either the project will be delayed or the sales team will need to expand their efforts in order to hit their target numbers (Fulton, 2013). Marketing Team Deliverables: The marketing team is responsible for drawing attention to the company’s new product using all current strategies and incorporating new ones if need be.

The marketing team should focus their efforts on attracting new customers based on specific qualifications and not Just quantity. By doing this, the marketing team can setup a weekly or monthly timeshare Just as the sales team has done so that they can set a certain percentage goal to be reached for each month. If the marketing team does their Job properly, it will weed out all the unqualified customers and retain all the qualified customers which will allow the sales team to bring in new customers as well as give them the time to focus on current customers.

The marketing team will need to create new ads for the new storage container and use as many relevant mediums to get their message read and heard. These new ads need to be clear cut and easy to understand so that the potential customer can decide whether the product is right for them.

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