Unit IT Assignment

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IT consulting Professor Abdullah Taxi September 24, 2013 The Assignment discusses the key tasks in conducting research and key questions that should be asked of the IT, Marketing, Distribution, and Manufacturing teams. Part One: With the discovery of other issues during the merger/ acquisition it is important that members of both companies IT, manufacturing, marketing, and distributions departments meet to discuss how the merger/ acquisition will proceed.

Because the efferent teams understand their businesses through the function they work directly with I think it would be best for the specific teams to meet separately. Each business unit of both companies meeting separately will allow the consultant to see the business from an overall point of view of IT, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. The best venue for the meeting would be at the acquiring soft candies company department offices.

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For example it would be best for the IT team of both companies to meet at the soft candies company, the manufacturing team at the soft candies many, the marketing team at the soft candies company, and the distribution team at the soft candies company. There have been issues concerning the soft candies company that have been coming to light and it would be best to look at overall operations of each team environment to uncover additional underlying issues. The meeting can still be formal with presentations of current merger/ acquisition expectations and the additional resources needed to solidify the acquisition.

During the meeting it will important to define team roles moving forward with the merging of he teams of each company. Initially I believe it will be important for each member of the teams to bring previous company information to the meeting based on the team. For example: IT defined roles within the team, and system functionality layout. Marketing team: Current market strategies, ravager and supermarket chain agreements, targeted business ventures, and product placement analysis. Distribution team: Distributing layout, unit distribution amount, Center locations, current chains/ ravagers being supplied, and warm weather plans.

Manufacturing: Product line manufacturing, product scale on hand/ in storage, and preservation strategies. Part Two: Manufacturing Team: How do you plan to acquire more stores that would sale the Holding Companies DID products? Should we continue selling to ravagers or should we concentrate our efforts completely on supermarket chains? Marketing Team: What is going to be the brand strategy? What is the plan for market expansion while maintaining sales? Distribution Team: Should all products be stored at one centralized distribution center? What is the plan or product preservation?

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