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GABBY 1 MBA Capstone 2 Assign meet Details In a 4-6 page PAP formatted paper excluding text, diagrams, and other visual/ oral aids as appropriate, address the following: Discuss the challenges of values/ethics based business decision making in the current global marketplace. Include citations from at least three scholarly sources to support your thoughts. You should also incorporate the work you have done in the Discussion topic(s) for Unit 1 into your response for this section. Research the markets that you can expand into from your home base in Chicago.

These are, Paris, SAA Paulo, and Shanghai from a social and political climate of each using Hypotheses Cultural Dimensions, (http://greet-hefted. Com/national-culture. HTML) which you learned about in GABBY: Strategic Management, as a foundation. You may also include additional information on culture that you find in your research. Using the results of your research, compare this information to the company mission, Sino and values that the team will have already completed to determine the progression of expansion.

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For example, the country with the strongest connection to your company culture will be the easiest to expand into, and the country with the weakest connection may be the last. Recommend to your team the progression of expansion and include a detailed rationale for your choices. As you work in this Assignment you can share your information in the team space so the team can use it in the decision making process.

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