The Syrian War – Assignment

The Syrian War – Assignment Words: 423

The civil war in Syria is being fought against the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad by the people who want a democratic form of government in the country. This has been a particularly bloody war which has cost around 200,000 Syrian lives and will cost many more by the time the war comes to an end and one side wins. The war has devastated the country, and forced more than 9 million Syrians from their homes. At Best Essay Forum, we provide the best term papers, reports and book reviews for our clients, which are 100% Plagiarism free as our professional writers write them. Term papers, reports and book reviews are written by qualified degree holders of Bachelors, Masters and PhD. They produce your academic assignments with much attention, fulfilling the requirements.

The war started in the southern city of Deraa, when some teenagers were taken into custody by the police and tortured. Their crime: painting revolutionary slogans on a school wall. People who demonstrated against this atrocity were gunned down by the police and this triggered off protests all across the country demanding that Assad should step down and relinquish the presidency. When the government started using force to crush the discord, hundreds of thousands more people took to the streets to demand the resignation of Assad.

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Besides those who have sought refuge in neighboring, around 6.5 million Syrians have been internally displaced. Children are 50% of the displaced and the refugees and displaced are people constitute nearly half of the total population of the country. The other half of the population in dire need of humanitarian assistance and most of them live in areas where the war is raging and they are very difficult to reach. Living conditions are extremely difficult and there seems to be no hope for the people unless the war is halted by the UN or one side wins the conflict.

Hundreds of people have also been killed by the government’s use of chemical weapons that lived in agricultural towns and villages around Damascus. Rockets were fired at the people that were filled with the nerve gas sarin. It was obvious that chemical attacks could only by carried out by government since the opposition does not possess such lethal weapons. Fearing that the use of chemical weapons would invite US military intervention, President Assad agreed to the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons as part of a joint mission led by the United Nations. The destruction of the chemical arsenal was completed within a year of the president agreeing to its destruction.

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