Elements Of Goddess’s Myths – Assignment

Elements Of Goddess’s Myths – Assignment Words: 301

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The goddess’s myths symbolize nature, sexuality and reproduction. The woman figure indicates fertility, motherhood, love and household in some cultures. Some goddesses are gentle whereas others are fierce with some cultures associating them with war and destruction. Best Essay Forum has expert writers who are available 24/7 to assist you with research papers, History homework and term papers. The writers in Best Essay Forum are very qualified and have wide experience in their field of expertise. Research papers, History homework and term papers are produced with much care and attention and to achieve the level of satisfaction of our clients.

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Functions of goddess’s myths

In all myths, the gentle goddesses were responsible for the welfare of the people and their well-being. For instance, these gods ensured that people had good harvest, were in good health, and gave them children. On the other hand, the fierce goddesses protected the community from their enemies as well as punishing them whenever they went centrally to their will. They would inflict diseases to them in case of disobedience. All kind of success was associated with these goddesses. In conclusion, every human kind accepts that they have a creator and recognize certain gods and goddess in their lives.

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