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From the review of the literature, it is clear that the drug trade in Colombia is a deep rooted one. The history of this drug business is responsible for the situation that Colombians are in today. The widespread of the illegal drug industry is one that has had a lot of effects on the social, economical and political status of the country. At Best Essay Forum, we provide the best reports, thesis and speeches for our clients, which are 100% Plagiarism free as our professional writers write them. Reports, thesis and speeches are written by qualified degree holders of Bachelors, Masters and PhD. They produce your academic assignments with much attention, fulfilling the requirements.

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Its deep roots into the country, as well as across the border, have left the government with a very tough war to fight. It is going to take a long period of time before Columbia completely faces out this issue from the country. Until then, the citizens of this country have no other choice but to deal with the realities of the effects of this drug industry in the country.

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